TWENTY-TWELVEWhat an exciting year it hast been. Actually I wanted to share my traveling flashback as last year, but I realized that I haven’t been traveling that much before I moved to Paris. Then I realized that I’ve been traveling quite a bit, though. Ok – not exactly traveling, but I’ve been living in two amazing cities for longer. More later on…
First of all, I am so thankful to everybody who reads my blog and all the nice people who always leave a comment (I am sorry for being bad in responding – I’ll try to make it better this year!!). As I am putting so much energy into my blog, which has become such a big part of my life already, I am glad I get the feedback I am wishing for from you. Especially since I started blogging daily it has gotten kind of a ritual that I am preparing a post for you every day and freaking out if I don’t have a high quality post for you.
Now let’s start my little review of 2012…

January: The year started with a great birthday Gold&Silver charity party two friends of mine threw and when I came back to Munich from the holidays some cool events awaited me. One of them was the L’Oreal Hair Show where I’ve been working as a hair model getting my hair cut and freshly tinted with the new Inoa coloration. By the end of January some other bloggers from Munich and surroundings were invited to shop at the Ingolstadt Village where I not only got the best bargain ever – my beloved Michael Kors watch but also got to know my lovely Sara. She’s the blogger friend I’ve always wanted and we’ve been inseperable since then. Regarding my university career: I barely talk about this on the blog, because I think you are more interested in fashion and lifestyle. Still, a review of 2012 includes this too. For those who’ve just bumped into my blog – I am studying architecture in the 3rd year now. In January I finished my 3rd term of hell at the TUM in Munich. I barely slept all term long, working late EVERY day (no joke!!) and pulling an all-nighter at least once a week. At the end it was really worth it working so much on the projects getting one of the best marks.

February: While taking some exams at uni I still managed to attend some showrooms and having fun at the Lange Nacht der Mode, which was my first fashion show (ok second, when I count my mum’s fashion show’s in when I was a little girl). Although many people criticized the event it was fun for me spending the evening with the blogger girls. The best buy this month were definitely my Zara boots which I’ve worn non-stop since then. The most life-changing moment was when I got the results of my application for the upcoming exchange year… it turned out to be Paris! I will talk about it later on…

March: On the 5th March I moved to Milan for an internship at a architecture studio for one month. Bastian was so nice to host me at his place and the month was unforgettable. Luckily I’ve already been knowing so many people from back home who are living in Milan. Being with some close and new friends made this month unforgettable. I can’t wait to go back to Milan for some days in February. Of course, I also did some shopping (mostly shoeshopping) in Milan and found the perfect summer crochet bag at Sandro Ferrone. If you want to read through my Milan tips you can do so here. Also did I visit my dad at Lake Garda, which has been over four years since my last visit (don’t worry I was seeing my dad at least once a month, though). Another big move for my family and me was to move back to Bozen after three years of living apart. Even if I was studying in Munich and not being back home so many times it made life so much easier.

April: I came back to Munich after the Easter holidays with the agenda full of appointments rushing from one event onto the other. Best event of the month was definitely the Tom Tailor Blogger dinner where I was invited with Sara, Caro, Luisa and Irina meeting the lovely Harriet and Johanna from the TT-Team – delicious food and good conversations. A good event doesn’t need more. The time in Munich couldn’t have been better – good weather, new good friends and barbecues. And with the best buy of the month – my Gucci sunglasses, the summer was about to start good…

May: many more events with the highlight of the Hallhuber Pressday where we had a little blogger competition styling our favorite looks. I met the lovely Dani and Kiki, who I’ve been seeing again during the Fashion Weeks. One of my personal highlight was to discover the amazing roof terrace of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Munich during the Beauty meets Fashion event. I drove back home for Pentecost by the end of the month and made a spontaneous trip to Lake Garda for the second time this year with some old friends. The only hurdle deciding on whether I’d go to Paris or not was the requested French acknowledge. I needed to start from zero and learning French to level B1. Taking a intensive course and some private lessons I was able to get it. Finally there was nothing more in the way to move to Paris!

June: It was an outfit month and focusing on university.

July: Starting off with a nice university trip to Burghausen July was about to begin good. Afterwards my first Fashion Week in Berlin was coming up where Jenny joined me. Being late with the accreditation I still was able to see some shows – MarcCain, Blame, Marcel Ostertag, Guido Maria Kretschmer and Anja Gockel. Before I drove to the Fashion Week I finally met the dirndl queen Lola Paltinger at the Manhattan Lollipop and Alpenrock event. Of course, living in Munich and feeling already a little bit bavarian Sara, Isa, Saskia and I needed to show up in dirndls.

August: It was time to say goodbye to Munich for longer. I spent three amazing weeks back home and was craming French every single day with my granddaddy. I know you’re reading and I thank you from the bottom of my heart to make this big move to the French territory easier, Opi! The highlight of the month was my lake-hopping.

September: The big move to Paris. After not being able to check-in my luggage and flying with hand luggage only to Paris it could only become better. Conny and Phil were so nice to show me around Paris the first weeks. It has been my first time in Paris and the month passed by so quickly. The month was exciting starting off with the Vogue Fashion Night Out, a hotel visit at the Royal Monceau and ending with the start of Paris Fashion Week. I’ve seen a lot of exhibitions – Comme de garçons, Balenciaga and L’impressionisme et la mode exhibitions. I also was surprised by two features ( here and here) in local lifestyle magazines, which I didn’t expect to be published so soon.

October: My second month in Paris. The first days were still full of fashion week appointments. Proudly, I can say that I sold my first pictures from Fashion Week. It was so much fun to stay in the front place with other dozens of photographs and take pictures of the shows. During the last shows it was always a competition of being early and getting the best place. It was also nice to get to know other bloggers like the sweet Amandine and Magdalena. In October I turned 21 and had a nice dinner at La Pacifique, which is one of my favorite Asian restaurants in Paris now. The best trip (ok, it was also the only one) of the month was to the Normandy – cute villages and some special moments at the beach. Finally my parents with two of my cousins came to visit for a couple of days and I visited the chateau de Versailles for first time.

November: The month I’ve been definitely traveling the most. First, I was in London for some days meeting up with other friends of mine from Munich, who are also spending the year abroad. After visiting London I knew that I want to live in London for some months. The city is simply incredible and full of energy. All in all, I want to go back asap. One weekend after Bastian visited me in Paris. Of course, we needed to shoot and my favorite shooting was definitely the one with the red dress – do you remember? One week later I was in Madrid for five days including a store visit at HossIntropia, which I’ve been collaborating a few times already and looking forward to future ones.

December: After being in Paris for three months already I couldn’t wait for going back home for Christmas. Before that I had some great collaborations with La Biosthetique again, Sennheiser, Desigual and Vichy. The first two weeks I’ve been living without phone (can you imagine a blogger without Instagram?) and thank god (my god has been a friend) my new phone arrived quickly. In December also one of my biggest feature came out – on ELLE Girl Russia. What an honor! As soon as I got home all the Christmas prepping began including our Christmas shooting. First, we thought that the one from 2011 was already hard to beat, but I think this year’s turned out good too. Did you like it? The last days of the year back home were simply incredible and I was enjoying views like this. To finally conclude the year I drove back to Munich to spend New Year with some close friends and enjoying some more nice days.

Well, this was my 2012. So far it has been one of the most exciting years of my live… I wish you all the best for 2013. Let it be a good year!


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