Anti-aging before 25 & the perfect cleansing foam from REGULAT Beauty {+ Giveaway}

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Regulat Beauty
REGULAT Beauty. I am super busy during the week these days and I do most of my posts on weekends. As a matter of fact, I was in Zurich this weekend and took advantage of a new background for this beauty posts (one was urgently needed after such a long break).

If you remember well, I’ve already presented you this bio-organic beauty brand REGULAT Beauty a year ago here where I was invited to an information evening. First I was quite sceptic of attending it because Anti Aging wasn’t on my beauty check-list. I discovered that the brand has also got some great products without anti-aging ingredients. Now another year passed and 25 are coming faster than expected!

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Regulat Beauty

Regulat Beauty
As I said, anti-aging wasn’t really on my bucket list but sooner or later I have to start too. I tried all of the products and you’ll immediately have a fresh feeling on your skin which also lasts very long during the day. I am buying more and more beauty products with natural ingredients because they do your skin so much better on a long-term whilst chemical products will show their side effects sometimes a few weeks/months later.

One of REGULAT Beauty‘s products for daily use it the facial tonic Energetic Facial Tonic – giving you that needed kick of freshness during the day.

Regulat Beauty Regulat Beauty

Dr. rer. nat. Cordula Niedermaier-May, shop-owner Sabine Yousefy and brand ambassador Dana Schweiger

Dr. Cordula Niedermaier is the woman behind the natural cosmetic brand – a great and interesting woman. Unfortunately she’d been struggling with Neurodermitis most of the life until she found a way to use the HYALORON-Säure. On the first campaign she smiled from the ads while this year’s face is Dana Schweiger.

Also this year I attended their event at the Youssefy-Store in Munich where they presented their new Regulatpro Hyaluron Anti Aging Beauty Drink – beauty comes from inside too. ‘From inside and outside’ together with this beauty drink the whole beauty line is complete. I’ve also tried it and the taste is quite good!

Regulat Beauty      Regulat Beauty Regulat Beauty Regulat Beauty      Regulat Beauty
My absolute favorite product is the cleansing foam – takes off the whole make-up without using any additional product, no oily and doesn’t dehydrate your skin. Because of its natural ingredients it also smells a little bit of Christmas. You’ll probably connect it with something else. It is always so interesting how people experience certain scents differently.

With the online-voucher “beauty2015” you’ll get 15% off your order –

Regulat Beauty Regulat Beauty      Regulat Beauty

Excellent Cleansing Foam – get it here
Energetic Facial Tonic– get it here

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*in friendly collaboration with REGULAT Beauty

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