Thursday picks | Planners for 2016

Planners for 2016, The Golden Bun | München Modeblog, German Fashion Blog, Fashionblogger, new trends, mustard yellow
1 Mint & Gold Foil Confetti Planner (here) $24.95
2 Brushstroke Gold Foil Planner(here) $36.95
3 Silver Leatherette Planner (here) $29.95
4 Floral planner (here) $38.00
5 The Day Designer (here) $ 59.00 / ~120€ to Germany
6 Joliat (here) 22€
7 Busy Bee (here) 15.41€
8 Cavallini Biciclette (here) 17.40€
9 Lett’s Memo (here) 12.90€
10 Fashion Timer (here) 12.90€
11 Oderdochnicht (here) 24.90€
*pictures via the shops mentioned above

Planners. Every year the same procedure! Since a few years I’ve been looking for some lovely planners, which I then forget to order every year. As a matter of fact, I justify my non-purchase always with the reason that a “offline”-calender can’t notify me automatically like my iPhone does. But I think that’s only a question of getting used to it. In fact, I could pass hours planning appointments, vacations and blog entries. I would definitely need an extra one for organizing my blog, which I was used to do with Notes on my Mac.

Right now I can’t decide if a weekly or daily planner for 20156 would be better.
What do you think?

Edit: I’ve just found from Julia Kostreva through Instagram. Aren’t they pretty?

2014 #thegoldenbunontour // In London with Primark – Hotel Café Royal
2013 Christmas feeling at the Savoy hotel
2012 Some goodies from the web #2
2011 Blue michelin manikin


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