Life on my phone // February & some monthly favorites

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Life on my phone CW 5 – 8

1 gorgeous jewelry at the Inhorgenta Munich
2 green smoothie
3 rainy Munich
4 nothing beats a good plate of pasta (& puntarelle)
5 delicious dinner with Dalwhinnie Whisky
6 back to my curly hair
7 berry smoothie for breakfast
8 at the OPI press event at Burger & Lobster Bank
9 delicious Mango smoothie
10 best sushi I had in a while
11 missed riding past the Königsplatz
12 lace & pearls at work

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February recap. At the end of the month it’s time for my monthly review. This month I had my last exams and some work to hand in. But I was so looking forward to March, which made it pass even quicker. While January was super busy with university work, February was quite calm and I could get back to my beloved blogging work.

Monthly favorites WORKOUT

I’m a huge Blogilates-fan and came across Cassies’s videos years ago but at a point I stopped. No excuses for February! I started with the Blogilates WO-calendar and was good as gold to stick to the daily work outs. I did three weeks in a row and had to skip the last week because of our house moving. But today is the last day and I think I will start over with the new month. This month it will even more difficult to stick to the plan as I will travel a lot but we’ll see. Cassie has also launched a new PIIT plan, which is kind of the Kayla Itsines-HIIT-Program for Pilates lover. Maybe I will give it a go!

Moreover, I had a great training session Running & Yoga with Adidas in cooperation with their latest sports collection. It was as lot of fun and I’ve never done Yoga before. However, it’s not my kind of sports and the training session was super long. I prefer short workouts ways better!

Monthly favorites RECIPES

At the beginning of February I started to make some meal plans. I was fed up with random food buying at the supermarket. Moreover, my list of recipes is super long, which is why I try to cook new dishes each week now. Up to now it worked really well and I will publish my food-plan soon!
My favorite recipes this month were:

Monthly favorites BOUGHT

I haven’t bought much in February. I tend to buy lots of things on Amazon, which included lots of super foods this month (new pack of Chia seeds, Chinoa and more). One of my favorite buys was the golden cutlery from Broste Copenhagen, which has arrived yesterday. I’m already so in love with it!

Monthly favorites SEEN

Have I watched anything? Not much. How come that I don’t watch any movies anymore? Probably because my boyfriend’s and my taste is so different that we rarely watch movies together. However we’ve watched Les Visiteurs 1 & Les Visiteurs 2 recently, which is a funny comedy from the 90s. A classic in France! Super funny and something to watch on a lazy Sunday! I need to make a movie-watch-list for this month!

Monthly favorites PLANNED – TRAVEL

I’ve already let you know that I will travel a lot this month but have never revealed where I’ll head to. *drumroll* First of all, I’ll spent a weekend in Rome with my boyfriend and to Paris the weekend after. From Paris I’ll fly to Barcelona for four days with two of my best friends (I’ve never been!!!) and Vienna for Easter to visit my brother. I can’t wait and if anybody has recommendations for these destinations! Please let me know!

Wish you a wonderful day!


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