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1 Westwing Now (get here)
2 Depot (get here)
3 Butlers (get here)
5 Depot (get here)
7 Westwing Now (get here) (similar here)
8 Depot (get here)
9 Butlers (get here)

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Current interior cravings. Even though our flat is overall finished I could always change bits and bobs here and there. There are just too many beautiful interior items and designing and rearring the own space is always the best part. As for me we could add a little bit of decoration. But not too much since I’m not a big fan of overdecorated places.

Today I have a couple of beautiful decor items for and around the table. Right now our dining table is mostly used for working since it’s super big and so comfortable to work on. It would be quite unhandy to replace our deco all the time. However, dreaming is allowed! The first item I’d buy right now is this wonderful vase from Westwing Now. As a matter of fact, I got so obsessed with Westwing, which has so many beautiful pieces. I really love geometric objects. Secondly, I’ve spotted these cool glasses at Depot, which I had to buy immediately (they cost 2€). And then comes my favorite purchase – the golden cutlery from Broste Copenhagen. I’ve been admiring this set for a while now and was even more excited when it appeared in one of Westwing’s recent sales. Still super expensive, but I will appreciate it even more. Shipping sometimes vary between days or weeks. Of course this one takes 2-4 weeks. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I get it. One more sale highlight for today are these dining chairs, which are under 40€ right now.

What is still missing in our flat:

  • living room: big carpet, coffee table, decoration, sofa pillows, fake furs for the chairs
  • bedroom: wardrobe, matress, bed, nightstands, nightstand lamps, lamp
  • bathroom: laundry baskets, lightning, storage boxes
  • kitchen: shelves, lightning, spice rack
  • entry: chest of drawers, hanging rack, lamp

Wish you a wonderful day!

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  • Wünsch dir weiterhin viel Glück!
    Mein Freund zieht auch grad um und es ist echt nicht zu unterschätzen was man so alles besorgen muss. Bis man alles hat, dauert es eeeewig :-P

    Aber tolle Sachen!

    schönen Abend noch :-)

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