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Aperol Grippe Aperol the sunny side of life
Aperol. I love aperitifs! They’re light, sometimes fruity, sometimes bitter. There is never a bad timing for having a delicious aperitif (ok, not super early in the morning but around 11am). If I’ve got one favorite drink then it’s Aperol Spritz. I’ve been drinking Hugo a couple of years but can’t drink it any longer. Hugo is super popular in the German speaking countries, which is a mix of prosecco, elder sirup and mint. Unforunately, it is way too sweet sometimes and I prefer a good Aperol Spritz ways better. I was so happy when my dad has brought me a 1,0 litre bottle of Aperol. They big ones only exist in Italy.

– in collaboration with Campari

Aperol Grippe Aperol the sunny side of life1      Aperol Grippe Aperol the sunny side of life1


Aperol Spritz or Veneziano?


Coming from South Tyrol I’m used of calling the drink Veneziano. It’s so common that I didn’t realise that there was actually a difference between Veneziano and Aperol Spritz. In fact, a Veneziano is made out of prosecco while the classic Aperol Spritz comes with white wine. In Italy they also call it Spriz oder Sprisseto. Whenever I drink a good Veneziano it reminds me of the good times in Milano. Along with an Aperitivo Lungo where they serve the Spritz in dumbo cups.

Aperol Grippe Aperol the sunny side of life1
Aperol Spritz

2 parts Aperol (4cl)
3 parts Prosecco or white wine (6cl)
additional soda water
ice cubes + orange slices

Aperol Grippe Aperol the sunny side of life1

The Sunny Side of Life is the current APEROL-campaign relating to the current weather situation. It motivates to stay positive no matter if it’s raining or good time. In the end it depends on yourself if you’ll be having a sunny day or not.


“It doesn’t depend on the weather how sunny your day is going to be”


Wünsche euch ein schönen Tag!

Aperol The Sunny Side of Life
photos – Mr Tripod
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