Life on my phone // June & some monthly favorites

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Life on my phone CW 22 – 26

1 my braces and I
2 pretty peonies
3 happiest in Slovenia
4 delicious dessert in Portoroz
5 yummy pancakes at Distrikt Coffee in Berlin
6 beautiful sea
7 pretty fringe sandals
8 swimming pool at Kempinski Palace
9 Open Air spa
10 with my dear Olga
11 my beautiful Munich
12 Mami ❥

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June recap. Oh my god, hasn’t June just started? I was waiting for a couple events, travels and birthdays in June, which made it pass even quicker. Whenever I’m expecting something for months before it goes by even faster. June was great again. I went home to celebrate my mum’s birthday. Moreover, I’ve been in Slovenia with my boyfriend for a couple of days and was lucky to work on a lot of collaborations.

Monatsfavoriten BOUGHT

Oh yes! I finally got an icecream machine and I’m so lucky about it. I got it at the fleamarket for 2€ and it was completely new. This month I got myself this lovely broderie ruffle blouse and this gorgeous lace dress.

Monthly favorites READ

I wanted to read more books but I only managed to read one this month. I’ve enjoyed reading Summer Love by Katie FForde, which was a lovely lovestory with a surprising ending.

Monthly favorites SEEN

It’s been a while that I’ve taken the bus to come back to Munich from South Tyrol. The Flixbus Library wasn’t bad and I finally watched Juno with Ellen Page. The second movie I watched was Silver Lining Playbook with Bradley Cooper. Both great movies, which I highly recommend!

Monthly favorites PLANNED – TRAVEL

I’ll be traveling again for the next two weeks. In fact, I’ll be in Barcelona for the next two days. On Saturday I’ll be flying to Lisbon and Porto for a week. I definitely can’t wait! Can’t believe that I can already cross so many destinations from my bucket list. Any recommendations for Lisbon and Porto?

Monthly favorites POST REVIEW

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Wish you a wonderful day!

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