Life on my phone // July & some monthly favorites

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Life on my phone CW 22 – 26

1 Tamara and I
2 delicious dessert in Barcelona
3 pool-time
4 beautiful Batuar restaurant at Cotton House hotel
5 morning swim
6 tourist like a pro
7 Lisbon in the dawn
8 beachvibes with Dodo
9 first ad filming
10 stunning terrace of Basilica da Estrela
11 cacti love
12 fromwhereIstand

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July recap.This time it took me a little longer to write my July review. I don’t know why but I’ve been postponing this post forever. Until today. July has been pretty exciting and I was in Barcelona and Lisbon. I’m happy that you liked my travel posts and I also uploaded a new travel video (I uploaded my last travel video three years ago – shame on me!). The rest of my time I’ve been working on my master thesis and there is 1,5 month more to go. I’ll keep you updated.

Monthly favorites BOUGHT

So let’s start right away with the products I’ve bought this month. I barely shop but as soon as I got out of the hotel in Barcelona and stood on the Paseig de Gracìa the shopping fever had gotten me. The result: a bag full of pretty stuff from the mango sale. I’d already shown you some bits and bobs from my haul here, here and here. That’s the thing with posting too late because now all the items are already gone. Moreover, I shopped a lot at the La Roca Village in Barcelona, which I’ve shown you here. Here is some more stuff, which I bought:

  • A classic Polo Ralph Lauren sweater in marine blue and pink (get it here)
  • A new wallet from Longchamp (here)
  • A black shoulder bag from Coccinelle
  • A pair of nude pumps from Mango (here)

Monthly favorites READ

Shame on me because I didn’t read anything the whole month. I just don’t know why I find it so hard to get to read. I’ll definitely hit the library this week and get some new chick lit. Any books to recommend?

Monthly favorites SEEN

From my previous monthly favorites you’ll know that I looove trash tv. The new season of Shahs Of Sunset was finally back, which is already finished by now. Moreover, I found this lovely series called Love bites. I thing its from 2012 and there are super short love episodes. Since it only has 8 episodes I finished it super quickly. Any series to recommend?

Monthly favorites PLANNED – TRAVEL

Well, we’re already in the middle of August and the only travel I’d planned was a little weekend getaway to Sölden with my mom. Moreover I’ll drive home for a week on Sunday and I’m super happy about it.

Monthly favorites top 10 most read posts

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  1. Restaurants in Berlin | Indochine French at Madame Ngo
  2. Beauty legs | Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa
  3. Off to Lisbon & Porto
  4. Over all
  5. All eyes on you | new hair with La Biosthetique Paris
  6. Early mornings in Barceloneta
  7. #BarcelonaDesignersCollective
  8. Kempinski Palace Portoroz – where to stay in Portoroz Piran
  9. The turqoise way
  10. Dodo Summer Mood

Wish you a wonderful day!


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