Life on my phone // September & some monthly favorites

Instagram recap september the golden bun
Life on my phone CW 35 – 40

1 golden hour
2 them good smoothie bowls
3 Brasserie Grey Goose
4 oysters three ways – so good
5 throwback to Bali
6 swing it!
7 Soft buns at Mun’s Restaurant
8 favorite summer dress
9 my living room
10 biking with heels
11 nude details
12 home-made sushi

Instagram – @thegoldenbun

September recap. I’m getting quite late in posting my recaps now but since I’ve handed in my masterthesis I kind of lost my feeling for time. Well, September how were you? I was working on my masterthesis all month long and towards the end it got quite stressful. I’ve finally finished to cut my video from Bali, which has been on my agenda for two years now. Grey Goose was in Munich with their French Boulangerie and I had a great time with my blogger girlies.

Monthly favorites BOUGHT

I don’t remember me buying anything in September apart from the hilarous amount of money I spent on my masterproject. Architecture models are super expensive and moreover printing out all the plans made me nearly broke.

Monthly favorites READ

Since I got into the Janet Evanich books I can’t stop reading them. I think I read three books of the Stephanie Plum – series in September. Working all day in front of the computer, working out and reading before bedtime was the perfect combination to stay in balance and to calm down.

Monthly favorites SEEN

I got Youtube addicted! Somehow I discovered Janni Deler’s vlogs, started watching her boyfriends Jon Olsson’s vlogs and ended up with Casey Neistat’s videos, which are definitely the best. He’s putting so much energy and creativity in his vlogs that you’ll get immediately addicted. I think I watched nearly all of his 500+ vlogs while working on my project. Moreover, I love Kate La Vie’s videos too. I just love the British accent.

Monthly favorites PLANNED – TRAVEL

October will rush by like a blizzard again. After my thesis I went home for a couple of days. Mym mom and I drove to Leogang and Salzburg for my birthday and one more weekend at home with all my friends is coming up this week. Next week I’ll head to Moskau and I can’t wait. It’s my first time!

Monthly favorites MOST READ POSTS

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  5. Living: Living Room Update
  6. Lifestyel: Come and See | Canon Eisbachwelle

Wish you a wonderful day!

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