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    Avignon | À bientôt, France!

    The last shots from Avignon. The last days in Munich were weird – sun, rain, sun, rain and so on. I am already looking forward to the weekend back home in Italy, where it…

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    Keep on shining

    So happy about these pictures. I have always dreamed standing in a field of sunflowers. What’s best – the soft sunlight coming from the back. I wondered why the flowers were not torn against…

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    Avignon | Bijoux français

    I have already broached the subject that the French are very very stylish people. Even in the smallest cities they are dressed up perfectly. As for me I really enjoyed to stroll through Avignon…

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    Avignon | Attention, le zèbre!

    What a strange morning… I woke up way too early – very unususal and ate pasta for breakfast. Let us see how my day proceed and which other creepy things might be happening. Have…

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    Avignon | Espadrilles and strawhats

    I totally love the cute small French cities. No matter which town you visit, each of them has a certain flair – the ancient windows, almost rundown houses, lively squares. Especially cute little shops.…

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    Avignon | Je ne parle pas français.

    Back. Destroyed – tired – happy – speechless. We spent an awesome week in Avignon. For the nonce some impressions through the city. More to come. À bientôt! Da bin ich wieder. Zerstört –…