It’s all about the (premium) fit – The LUZ Skinny Jeans

Always a Jeans Girl. So oft versucht mehr Kleider und Röcke zu tragen, doch bin ich immer wieder zur heiß geliebten Jeans zurückgekehrt. Wenn man nicht gerade in der Modebranche arbeitet, ist man auch nicht täglich einem gewissen Modedruck ausgesetzt. Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass ich meine Jeans nicht mit Stil kombiniere und trage. Jeans in Blau oder Schwarz – Hauptsache die Form passt perfekt.

In meine kleine Jeans-Kollektion ist ein neues Modell eingezogen. Ich habe nun wirklich sehr lange nicht mehr Anziehsachen geshopped (konnte gar nicht glauben, dass ich das letzte Mal bei Asos im März bestellt hatte). Ich bin auf dem Weg zur Besserung und wenn ich was kaufe sind es nun Teile, die ich wirklich sehr häufig trage. Dieses Modell Luz von Replay ist etwas ausgefallener, doch so dezent, dass man sie perfekt täglich tragen kann. | Replay Damenjeans Jeans | Replay Damenjeans Jeans

die perfekte

Trendy Modelle mit klassischen Schnitten funktionieren sowohl im Sommer als auch im Winter. Ich bevorzuge geradlinigen Skinny Jeans für Damen. Diese lassen sich classy aber auch rockig stylen. Heute zeige ich euch einen lässigen Look, den ich so gerne ins Büro anziehe. Unkompliziert, doch mit dem gewissen Etwas und vor allem gemütlich. Meine neue Jeans ist etwas elastisch, was tagsüber viel angenehmer ist.

Eine gut sitzende Jeans ist das A und O beim Styling. Insbesondere die Jeanslänge ist hier super wichtig. Mittlerweile trage ich meistens eine 27/28 Jeans bei 170cm. Welche Länge trägt ihr? Ob man die richtige Länge zu den Winterstiefeletten trägt, sieht man sofort. Ich mag es beispielsweise, wenn sie mit etwas Abstand über dem Stiefel sitzen. Der eine oder andere trägt sie auch gern höher (die klassische Hochwasserjeans – kennt ihr den Ausdruck noch?).

Accessoires und Applikationen sind dann das i-Tüpfelchen auf den klassischen Jeans. Ein bisschen “bling bling” kann ja nicht schaden. Dies dachte ich mir auch beim Kauf meiner neuen Replay Jeans. Ich habe wirklich lange zwischen einem sehr klassischen Modell geschwankt, bis dann doch wieder meine Liebe zum Detail hervorkam. Jetzt trage ich etwas Metall am Knöchel meiner Luz. Beim ersten Mal, als ich die Skinny Jeans für Damen anhatte war es etwas umgewohnt noch am Jeansbein etwas mitschwingen zu haben. Glücklicherweise machen die Applikationen aber keine Geräusche, denn im Büro klappere ich mit den Stiefeletten eh schon genug rum. | Replay Damenjeans Jeans | Replay Damenjeans JeansEin bisschen Bling Bling kann nie schaden!

Beim nächsten Mal geht es mit meinen USA-Posts los. Ich tippe derzeit schon fleißig in die Tasten. Die Fotos sind glücklicherweise schon aussortiert. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt wie ihr sie findet.

Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Tag!

3 new places to try in BOZEN, South Tyrol

October 3rd is always a wonderful day for me to drive home from Germany. Since it’s not a holiday in Italy I never have to wonder if something might be closed. Moreover, perfect to just run errands. From my last visit I’m bringing you a few new recommendations for restaurants. So what’s new Bozen? | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Tree Brasserie Bolzano Old Town Parkhotel Mondschein | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Tree Brasserie Bolzano Old Town Parkhotel Mondschein

Fine cuisine to share in the middle of the old town of Bolzano

Bolzano wins a new restaurant with a modern sharing concept. The new Tree Brasserie in the Parkhotel Mondschein serves classic Italian and French dishes in fine dining style. The portions are intended for sharing. The beef tartare (12€), the vineyard snails á la Bourguignonne (13€) and the schiaccata with Lardo are highly recommended. In summer you can sit beautifully on the terrace in the quiet Parkhotel garden.

The prices are a bit higher here. We also ordered the suckling pig from the Cinta Senese (26€ for four small pieces), which I found very expensive. Here it goes to the menu!

  • Michelin star recommendation! Bolzano has a Michelin star again since this year. The Restaurant Claudio Melis is located right next to the Tree Brasserie. | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Tree Brasserie Bolzano Old Town Parkhotel MondscheinWiney snails á la Bourguignonne | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Tree Brasserie Bolzano Old Town Parkhotel Mondschein | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Tree Brasserie Bolzano Old Town Parkhotel Mondschein | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Tree Brasserie Bolzano Old Town Parkhotel Mondschein | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Tree Brasserie Bolzano Old Town Parkhotel MondscheinPig from the Cinta Senese

@ Parkhotel Moonlight
Piavestraße, 15
39100 Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy



A new confectionery in Gries

Three new restaurants have opened on Grieser Platz. Two of them are here on the blog. Since the end of September, the new Konditorei Heini has been spoiling its customers with delicious cakes, pastries and everything the sweet heart desires. Of course, a good macchiato or cappuccino is a must. In autumn there are the famous chestnut hearts, which we South Tyroleans abroad always miss. | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Heini Konditorei Gries Bozen | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Heini Konditorei Gries Bozen | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano Heini Konditorei Gries Bozen

Grieser Square, 13
39100 Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy


Lunch at the wine bistro

Right next to the confectionery Heini there is the new WineBistro Gries 13 led by Didi and Sibylle. So far they ran a restaurant together in Tramin, where I worked the first opening month. The restaurant is perfect for a relaxed lunch or a glass of wine after work. | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano G13 Bistro Gries | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano G13 Bistro Gries | 3 new restaurants in Bolzano G13 Bistro Gries

Grieser Square, 13/E
39100 Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy

Have fun trying it out. Soon I’ll be back in South Tyrol and provide you with many new tips from home.

I wish you a nice day!

USA West Coast Roadtrip | Preparation and Kick-Off in San Francisco

Touch down in San Francisco and the beginning of our West Coast roadtrip. Excitement, joy and a small childhood dream in me will now become reality. Who wasn’t a fan of The Hills and dreamt of the American lifestyle at high schools? Absolutely guilty. All the more I was happy that I was finally “forced” to my happiness. A spontaneous invitation to get to know San Francisco in autumn was the perfect opportunity to do a West Coast roadtrip afterwards. Finally the invitation of a dear friend, who I know from the Master, to LA and experience a lot American roadtrippin’ . Together with Julia I will be on the road for the next two weeks. | USA Visa Preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental Car Sunny Cars

We’re going to take you daily on our trip and of course, there are all stages and recommendations afterwards. For the short time we have planned such a crazy route. Amandine recently said that we won’t be able to do that. They did our route in two weeks – we only have one week after San Francisco. But – Challenge accepted!

Here we are…


The West Coast Road trip preparations for the USA ran smoothly this time, because we had hardly booked and planned anything. We planned enough time for San Francisco, because all my acquaintances thought the city was great.

I knew that some things had to be done in time for the USA (of course I managed to organize everything again just before it happened). | USA Visa Preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental Car Sunny Cars 3The first time over the Golden Gate Bridge – so exciting! | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars

our pretty hotel in San Francisco – the Hotel Triton | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars

1. Visa ESTA

A visa, ESTA is of course very important before you start your journey. In the meantime I have been to the USA three times (1x of which I have only landed in Atlanta*), now my fourth time. The last two times I still had my 10-year visa for the USA. I mourn this a little bit, because I would have had the possibility to travel the USA for three months. Meanwhile you have to apply for an ESTA online 72 hours before the trip before entering the USA.* Of course I left this at the last minute and applied 4 days before the trip. I wasn’t very worried that my application would be rejected, but I’m a bit afraid. Something could always be. After two days I checked my status and got the approval faster than expected. Print it out quickly and put a copy in your hand luggage to be on the safe side.

* during my 2nd visit/transit to the USA I had actually forgotten that I was in possession of my 10-year visa and had applied for the ESTA twice. Strangely enough, I was not informed of this until after the return flight. For the transit one really needed a visa. Whether this is still the case, I do not know. The third time I proudly showed my 10-year visa. | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars West Coast Road Trip with our XXXXXL car


We also booked the rental car only one week before the trip. We had thought back and forth whether we would take the car from SFO or after the San Francisco stage. In San Francisco itself you don’t need a car. In the end it was almost the same price, because weekly prices are cheaper in the USA. A friend recommended Hot Wire to me, but we decided for Sunny Cars, because I already booked a car there several times and was always satisfied.

  • In particular, you don’t have to worry about extra insurances on site, because they include All-round worry-free protection.

Although I am against the polluting SUVs, we decided to buy a big car. The roads are supposedly not as well built as in Germany. And remember that you spend most of your time in the car. | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars

Cable Car riding is a must – it was really a lot of fun! | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny CarsTransamerica Pyramid | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars

3. a few SIGHTS

Unfortunately we had booked a bit late, so we had to skip some attractions. For Alcatraz, for example, there are no more tickets for the Night Tour, which was recommended to us. You have to book this a few weeks in advance. Also in Las Vegas there are some shows that have to be booked in time. Maybe we will be lucky on the spot. | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars | USA Visa preparation ESTA San Francisco Rental car Sunny Cars


Of course I immediately collected all blogs and recommendations of my acquaintances. With each trip I create a Google Maps, which you can call up on the way (with Internet connection always very helpful). The map helps me always well to get an overview of a city. We will book hotels spontaneously, except in San Francisco. San Francisco is very popular and I’m always happy to have something planned for the first few days. It’s a better way to get into vacation mode and have one thing less to think about.

The first report on our first stage will follow soon. Above already some impressions of the first days.

I’ll talk to you later!

I wish you a nice day!
USA visa preparation ESTA San Francisco car rental Sunny Cars | USA visa preparation ESTA San Francisco car rental Sunny Cars |

Birthday celebrations & three-country kitchen at PAOLO PINKEL

A dinner at Paolo Pinkel in Neukölln was on my list for such a long time now. After so many of my Foodie friends recommended it to me, it was the perfect occasion to celebrate the birthday of my friend Natalie there. Meanwhile we also celebrated Amandine’s birthday there. Funnily enough another friend celebrated her birthday there. As you can see it seems to be a great place for celebrating but also for a casual dinner. | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln

Restaurant in Berlin

Paolo Pinkel. The pseudonym known from the Friedmann affair of the lawyer, politician and television presenter Michel Friedmann. Of course In the meantime, Paolo Pinkel‘s restaurant bar concept has become so popular in Berlin that it has already trumped him in the Google search.

You enter the bar via a shimmering neon light and head straight for the big Barthresen. To the left is the restaurant corner with simple dining tables and benches, to the right the bar with some lounge seats. All very “Neukölln” and funky furnished. | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln

Paolo Pinkel

We already arrived with mixed feelings, as my girlfriend heard from an acquaintance that it was supposedly exaggeratedly expensive. Wait and see and take a picture first. In the afternoon before it was posted in our birthday group that one could pay food only cash and beverages with map. I only understood this when we arrived. The restaurant-concept is that three different kitchens have their own mini-restaurant there. The drinks are settled via the bar.

Peru – China – Cyprus is Three-country cuisine. Since everyone has its own culinary preferences, this is perfect for a birthday. I immediately headed for the Chinese restaurant and ordered a delicious portion of handmade Ran Mian noodles with Sechuan pepper (attention: very hot). The others ordered from the Peruvian as well as from the Cypriot restaurant. The portions can be divided well. But also one portion per head is absolutely sufficient.

    • The prices are between 4-12€ | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar NeuköllnBurnin Wonton | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar NeuköllnSelection at the China-Restaurant | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neuköllnyummy Ran Mian noodles | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln

Paolo Pinkel

We had a great evening, and we mumped up at the bar till 3:00. But I recommend you to order wine or beer. The Gin&Tonic has already been served mixed, where I usually choose Gin Tonic and Tonic myself.
Meanwhile I was already there for the second time and found it just as great there. But it’s always worth making a reservation!

Three-country kitchen and bar
Paolo Pinkel

Karl-Marx-Straße 55, 12043 Berlin, Germany


Happy FoodFriday!
Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln

Discovering Gotland – the Swedish holiday island in the Baltic Sea

They are everywhere: the incredibly great travel destinations. One of them is definitely the Swedish island of Gotland! The history of the island is very historical and you can already see this when you arrive in the city of Visby – the only city on Gotland and at the same time capital of the province Gotlands län. In addition to its exciting past, Gotland has much more to offer and as a holiday island is in no way inferior to the others! Here you´ll find some nice impressions of our trip to Gotland this summer:

In coperation with Destination Gotland

  • Here you can read about our first Sweden trip to Smaland.

Holidays on the swedish island GOTLAND

Gotland and holidays? Absolutly correct: On Gotland you can indeed spend your holidays very well. The convinced Swedish people can confirm that themselves! Great beaches for relaxing and sunbathing, super beautiful landscapes to enjoy (also perfect as photo locations for bloggers), lots of cultural offers and culinary experiences await explorers, hikers and curious tourists. The island is an attractive tourist destination all year round. However, as many travellers prefer the sunny months, the best time to visit the island is between June and September. In these months with the mild climate sun worshippers certainly get their money’s worth.

VISBY – discover Gotland´s MEDIEVAL CITY

Our journey starts in Visby. Already at the arrival with the ferry in the harbour of the small and pretty city you can hear stunning Ahs and Ohs. From here you can already see parts of the almost complete city wall from the Middle Ages. A walk along the city wall is worthwhile in any case. It is in very good condition and you can even walk up the watchtowers and have a view over the sea on one side and over Visby’s large Botanical Garden on the other. Thanks to the climate, a variety of plants and unusual tree species grow here.

The harbour of Visby

Visby is rich in historical sites. Inside the city there are imposing ruins of church walls. These remind of the attacks and destruction of the town by Danes in the 16th century. The whole history of Gotland can be seen in the Gotland Museum in Visby. Make sure stopping by there!

local fact

Most of Gotland’s churches date from the Middle Ages. The oldest churches are in Stenkyrka, Atlingbo and Fardhem (the first church on Gotland is said to have been built here). At least the predecessor building.)

In the centre of Visby you will find the very imposing ruin of St. Katrin church.

The beautiful Cathedral of the West. From here you can also have a great overview of the whole Visby. Just walk up a few steps and let you surprise by the stunning view!

Use the opportunity and the time to explore Visby by walking around! The peace and quiet in the small alleys of the city is incredibly peaceful and the loving design of the exterior facades is simply delightful. Visby literally smells like roses! No wonder: The city dwellers decorate their houses and fences with countless types of roses in the most beautiful colours, which underlines the flair of the charming city even more.

local fact

On the island of Gotland, about 150 old fishing villages (Gotlänska fiskelägen) still exist today. Eleven of them are listed. By the way, the “Hanseatic City of Visby” with its magnificent medieval buildings has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995!

COSY GLAMPING in Surflogiet Gotland

Oh, yeah, Gotland’s chic. In its own special way. The hip glamping in the SURFLOGIET GOTLAND was at the top of our itinerary! “Glamping” is a glamorous camping style with many amenities such as a very comfortably equipped tent, washing rooms and other extras that you wouldn’t expect from camping in the open air. For example, sleeping on beds worth several thousand of euros or relax in the sauna at the end of the day and admire the Baltic Sea through the glass front of the sauna cottage. Extravagant? Perhaps. But more likely cosy glamorous and in the SURFLOGIET GOTLAND with a stylish bohemean touch. Here you can organize celebrations of any kind. Very popular are weddings. You can sit comfortably and stylishly on the beach during or after your wedding. Gladly with champagne and oysters. Or beer and delicious burgers! We loved it.

You can also have this delicious burger in vegan!

The SURFLOGIET GOTLAND also offers sports activities: Stand-up paddling, surfing, skating, beach volleyball, arranged bike tours – the choice is really exciting! Jogging on the beach or practicing yoga is of course a must do.

Get in touch with STELOR HOTEL – unique hotel design

A little tip for all those who have a preference for small, smart hotel designs: The STELOR Hotel is located less than 30 minutes south of Visby. A converted farmer property to fall in love with. The atmosphere here is so incredibly clean, homelike and wonderful that you’d love to move in here. The hotel offers seven unique rooms to sleep in, a great restaurant with bar and garden, where really delicious dishes are served! Many things are cultivated in the hotel’s own garden. The rest is bought by the owners from local producers. Just to please the palate, it is worth staying or stopping at the STELOR Hotel! Despite the few rooms the hotel offers, the property is large enough to be able to retreat to the hotel garden undisturbed at any time. A truly small paradise to come down. From here you can reach the beach in 20 minutes on foot. If you want to go faster, you can rent e-bikes at the hotel and explore the area.

Where to go to EAT in VISBY – some tips

  • BAKFICKAN: Modern, international, but also typical local and island specialities can be found everywhere on the Swedish island of Gotland. The typical dishes of the island are prepared with a lot of fish and seafood. And they taste excellent! A really good tip in the middle of Visby is the small but really fine restaurant BAKFICKAN. The interior is super inviting, free places are in great demand and the owner of the shop is an incredibly cordial person. A real sightseeing hot spot is right next door: the impressive ruins of St. Katrin’s Church.
  • VINÄGER: Another popular meeting place of the city is VINÄGER. A stylish restaurant with bar and beautiful terrace where great events take place in summer. Not only the cuisine surprises with Mediterranean specialities and special creations – the interior really gives the guest the feeling of being somewhere on the Mediterranean area. Pure holiday feeling!
  • Beer fans watch out: In the middle of Visby you will find the beer brewery Gotlands Bryggery! Here you can take part in a small guided tour through the brewery and taste delicious beers.

Some grape varieties are cultivated – and very successfully – on Gotland. This is why the wine-growing regions here are among the most northerly in Europe. Nothing stands in the way of a small but fine wine tour, is there?

How to reach GOTLAND?

The island can be reached quickly by plane via Stockholm, the Swedish capital. But those who want to go by sea can choose to take the ferry to Gotland. It is highly recommended to explore the island of Gotland by car. Most places are small and can be explored quickly. With your own or at best rented car you are flexible and can easily get to know the whole island! For short excursions please rent bicycles e.g. at Cykeluthyring! Let´s go!

This beautiful flowers are called Blue Fire. You can find them everywhere on Gotland.

I wish you a wonderful day!

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