Who needs Tiffany if there’s DODO?

DODO is an Italian jewellery line and a subsidiary firm of Pomellato, which you have maybe already heard of. They have a variety of jewellery collection based on animal forms – penguin, starfish, dodo and so on. Every piece of it has a different meaning. For instance: hippopotamus – I love you heaps… eagle – beyond reach… duck – what a chatterbox… bull – you’ve conquered my heart…
I got a DODO necklace and a pair of earrings several years ago for my confirmation. Unfortunately I lost one of the earrings so I can never wear them. But I wear the necklace as bracelet.It’s actually the only bracelet I wear…

[Check their website if you like to: www.DODO.it]

jewellery: DODO starfish


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