Life on my phone // November & some monthly favorites

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Life on my phone CW 44 – 48

1 some golden sandals for the warmer destinations
2 morning light at AnaYela
3 Christmas Dinner with Yves Rocher
4 cozy winter look
5 when in Marrakesh
6 all those colors are pure love
7 waking up in Dubai
8 lights of Marrakesh
9 hotel view in Dubai
10 Bahia Palace in Marrakesh
11 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
12 in the desert with my bff

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November recap. November has been another exciting month. Generally speaking all the past months have been amazing. The month started with my long awaited presentation of my master thesis, which went fine. One week later we celebrated my graduation and all my family and friends were there. It was such a special day! To be honest, I thought that I might take a little break right after but the blog kept me immediately super busy. Of course, it’s a lot of fun and I’m happy about it. In the middle of November my mum and I fly to Marrakech for a long weekend. You’ll find all entries here! One more let’s say oriental trip followed at the end of the month and my best friend and I flew to Dubai. All travel posts about it will follow in the new year then. In between I had a couple of appointments here in Munich and I attended a few culinary events.

I’m sorry, that my monthly reviews came so late in the past months. This could definitely be good resolution for the new year!

Monthly favorites BOUGHT

For Dubai I had to shop a little bit and I ordered this dreamy dress on Asos from White Cove Petite. I’ve already shown it to you here on Instagram. On our first day in Dubai we were running through the Dubai Mall in sandals (the malls are so huge in the UAE). Consequently, our feet were so sore in the evening. No wonder that we stormed into the first Nike Outlet we found and I bought a pair of Nike Free 5.0 in knit, which are super pretty. Moreover, I got a Christmas-Version of the Roshe Run. I’d already planned to buy some jewelry at the Gold Souk and got me some cute rings, which you can see here. Mango had this gorgeous sequin top, which I had to take home immediately and I’ve shown you two ways to style it here. Lastly, I bought myself a new pair of boots. I’d seen the great Western Fever Boots from Sarenza around on the web and had to order them. Best decision, because they’re so comfortable!

Monthly favorites READ

Luckily we relaxed a little bit at the pool and beach in Dubai. I’d packed a couple of books but in the end I managed to read only one. I read Überman from Tommy Jaud, which unfortunately is available only in German.

Monhtly favorites SEEN

It feels as if I’ve seen thousands of movies. One very important moment in the history of series was definitely the Launch of the new Gilmore Girls season. I couldn’t wait for months and I wanted to wait after my return from Dubai. In the end, we watched all four episodes in the evening. The week before I watched the whole last season in order to be up-to-date. I really liked the new episodes but I wasn’t a big fan of the ending. Let’s see if they’re filming another sequel. Moreover, on my flight to Dubai the film program wasn’t so bad. I watched:

Monthly favorites PLANNED – TRAVEL

I hadn’t planned longer trips in December. While I was in Bozen yesterday I’ll be on the road to Frankfurt again tomorrow. But that’s probably it for 2016. Let’s see what the new year brings!

Monhtly favorites MOST READ POSTS

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Have a wonderful day!