Back in my own bed & sneak peek into my new room!

I’m finally back in South Tyrol. I’ve spent the past weeks almost every single night in a different hotel. You can’t imagine how good it feels to sleep in my own bed. Speaking of which I’ve got a couple of impressions of my “bed sit”. Well, the term isn’t that correct as I call it more my temporary base. About a year ago we moved to my mum’s parent’s house and since I was traveling a lot it is still a work in progress. The room has long been my aunt’s room and how it is in most cases it remained in its old state for many years. Consequently the mattresses were extremely old too. The request from Leesa came right on time. The structure is similar as my beloved mattress, which I had to leave in Munich. But the Leesa’s philosophy persuaded me immediately. | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze

Leesa Mattress Philosophy sustainable business model

Emma, Caspar, Bruno, Muun, Leesa? The mattress hype is everywhere. The structure of the diverse mattresses is similar. However, Leesa‘s philosophy helped my decision. The company, which originally comes from the US has a sustainable business model. It started already in 2015 and therefore has a longer company history than other start-ups in Germany. Leesa is a certificated B Corp™-Business1 and accomplishes the highest standards when it comes to social and ecological performance, transparency and responsibility. The company also strives to achieve social and ecological solutions:

  • The mattresses are locally produces, i.e. Leesa’s mattresses for Germany are produced in Thüringen.
  • One-for-ten-programm – when ten mattresses are sold one is donated to an aid agency. Already 10.000 mattresses have been donated! That’s great!
  • Leesa also works with the Arbor Day Foundation, which plants one tree per sold mattress. The target is to plant one million trees until 2025.
  • and much more!

1B Corp is a world-wide network for businesses which aim to do something good. “B” stands for “Benefit” | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze
Leesa Mattress Experience Structure

The mattress is made out of three layers:

  • a Cooling Avena® Foam 5cm – allows air-flow for a cooler night’s sleep
  • Memory Foam 5cm – pressure Relieving
  • support foam 15cm – adds strength, durability and structure

A140cm Leesa mattress costs 615€ and a 180cm Leesa is 775€. | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze

Leesa Mattress Experience Comfort

I’m a huge fan of memory foam mattresses. They are extremely comfortable. You can also lie the mattress directly on the floor or on a wooden construction (palettes). If you want to place it on normal duckboards take a very robust one because the mattress is heavier than normal ones. I love the fact that the cover is nicely made and the color is great.

It’s the perfect mattress for restless sleeper, which causes that we move during the night. That was my case usually. Normally, I sleep lateral position and you recognize immediately if a mattress isn’t comfortable. Did you know that 60% of the people sleep in this recovery position? Up to know I didn’t have any problems and slept really good on my Leesa. After over 100 days on my Leesa mattress I highly recommend it! | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze | leesa erfahrungsbericht, leesa matratze
photos – © Vicky Klieber
*in collaboration with Leesa – thank you!
Have a wonderful day!