South Tyrolean Kitchen | Milzschnitten-Suppe

How long has it been that I wanted to post recipes more regularly? I always love to read such posts on other blogs and I’m taking in every inspiration I get for new recipes. I always use to say ‘if I’m ever going to post more recipes they are going to the South Tyrolean ones”. Well then, let’s proceed with more South Tyrolean recipes up here. In my category “recipes” you’ll already find the one or other.

What are typical South Tyrolean speciality? A frequently asked question. I always reply: Schlutzkrapfen (a sort of ravioli out of rye flour dough in moon shape filled with spinach). But there are so many more delicious recipes. Another traditional one is a Milzschnittensuppe (toasted sandwiches with spleen in chicken bouillon), also called ‘South Tyrolean wedding soup’. A savoury recipe which is perfect for the cold winter days. I’ve never eaten it on a wedding but it is definitely a traditional recipe we eat during the Christmas holidays. Usually when we need a little break from all the food on the Christmas days.

südtiroler milzschnittensuppe Südtiroler Küche _ Südtiroler Rezepte

1l broth
1 spleen
2 eggs
60 g butter
parsley, marjoram, lemon zest
salt and 
7 old rolls

*recipe from Die Küche in Südtirol, Anneliese Kompatscher

Tap the spleen genlty, cut it lengthwise and scrape it out. Stir the butter and yolk until frothy and mix with the spleen and spices. Stir the egg whites until stiff and fold the spleen mass in. Put the mixture on the slice of old rolls and cover it with another one. Fry the bread in hot oil, drain and let it cool. Cut it into stripes and serve them with hot soup and chives. Enjoy!

  • Spleen is not so easy to get. Whilst in South Tyrol a few restaurants still serve it, you definitely won’t find it in any German restaurant. Bovine spleen is recommended to order at your local butcher.
südtiroler milzschnittensuppe Südtiroler Küche _ Südtiroler Rezepte
südtiroler milzschnittensuppe Südtiroler Küche _ Südtiroler Rezepte
Enjoy your meal!