6 great beauty oils you’ll love

Lately, I’ve become quite a beauty junkie again. I just love to try out new products or just stick to old one but use them in the right way. If there is one product I got so love so much the past year are all kinds of oils. For some people oils may seem too fatty but if you use them the right way it’s the perfect addition to your daily beauty routine. Best is to apply them to your wet skin after the shower and wait for a bit to get absorbed. If you still need your immediate moisture add your body lotion.

Here are my favorite beauty oils in a long time.


#1 Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe: Definitely my favorite oil ever. I don’t know how many time I’ve rebought it. I just love it!
get it here – starting from 19,00€ / 50ml

#2 Fig oil by Stop The Water: The beauty brand released this lovely oil this winter. First, I had to get used to the smell of it but ended up loving it so much. The perfect oil for winter time. Also, it’s 100% organic.
get it here – 24,90€ / 100ml

#3 8-Flower Nectar Oil by Darphin: Lastly, a secret star under the oils (also the most hilariously expensive) Although I’m quite sensitive to many scents in oils I absolutely love the one from Darphin. It adds the perfect extra richness to your skin.
get it here – 103,86€ / 15 ml

#4 Argan Oil by Insta Natural: Argan oil has its origins in Marocco. Unfortunately, I missed to buy some during my last visit. Argan oil has been my number one for many years. I still love to use it for my hair and nails.
Starting from 8,99€ / 100 ml

#5 Tee trea oil by Das Plus: the perfect oil when I can’t slip. I drip it onto a wet towel and put it on the heating.
get it here – 1,95€ / 30ml

#6 Almond oil by Weleda: definitely in the top three. I’ve been using the oil the whole last year. Best is to apply a couple of drops on the wet face. I love the consistence and I’ve been a fan of Weleda’s products for many years now.
get it here – 16,86€ / 50ml

I wish you a wonderful day!