Madeira – the bloomy island destination of Portugal

One point you have to do is to discover and and experience the beautiful Portuguese island Madeira on your own! The best way to enjoy Madeira diversity sides is to plan a roadtrip for some days itinerary to discover as many places and corners as possible. The island enchants with magnificent views of magnificent natural landscapes and the vast of the Atlantic Ocean, inspires with typical local cuisine and convinces with open hospitality!

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Madeira has springlike temperatures all year round. The name “the island of eternal spring” does not come by chance: due to the pleasant, mild climate, the flowering paradise is gladly visited at any time of the year. However, you should be prepared for every weather situation. It is quite possible that in Madeira you can experience all four sides of the year one after the other in one day! We have visited the beautiful flower island and want to give you a few tasty impessions and tips for a varied trip that will certainly not be forgotten that fast!

Dreamy village Câmara de Lobos


Madeira’s capital Funchal, surrounded by green mountains and magnificent gardens, is a great starting point to begin your journey around the island. A stroll through the old town towards the Lavradores market hall, offering a wide selection of specialities, fresh seafood and local fruit and vegetables, is well worthwhile. Numerous cafés and restaurants invite you to linger and enjoy. An absolute must is the famous Madeira wine, which you should definitely taste! Want to bet that this wine will end up high on the list of souvenirs? For wine lovers, by the way, there are numerous possibilities for exciting wine tours. A stroll along the Avenida do Mar, the marina, past the famous Christano Ronaldo CR7 Museum leads to the next culinary hotspot and unique art object of the stand: the Nini Design Center. The historic building in modern splendour offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city of Funchal, scores with its extraordinary interior, refined cuisine and attentive service staff.

local fact

Madeira is famous for its banana plantations. Due to the steep mountain areas, 100 percent of the work here is done by hand without using chemicals.


Did you know? Every place and every city in Madeira has a name that has something in common with either nature or religion. It is definitely worthwhile to go on a tour abroad in order to visit the beautiful, decorative and historical places to discover the great natural landscape. Moreover, it is very recommendable and above all convenient to book an organised tour of local providers. You will not miss any secret viewpoints and interesting information about this unique island that way. Of course, you can plan the routes on your own and reach all the tourist hotspots easily with a rented car.

Tramhafte Kullise in Ribeira De Janela


Rent a tour with Classic Cars! The operators are incredibly warm and friendly. Enrich the trip with their charm and give you an answer to everything about life and events on Madeira.

Madeiras Fischfarm

Some places like the dreamlike Ribeira Da Janela, impressive Seixal, Sao Vicente, the small fishing village Câmara de Lobos, Calheta with its huge and beautiful bay enchant with their beauty and definitely leave an impression. In Porto Moniz a day trip would be optimal: The natural swimming pool created by lava stones invites to a bath and promises an exciting experience! An unbelievably fascinating view of the crashing waves on the protruding rocks is included. Entrance fees are about 1,80 Euro for one hour or the whole day.

nature swimmin pool of Porto Moniz


Magical moments can be experienced on a hike in Madeiras laurel tree forest. It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage and is an absolutly must visit! If you are lucky, you will experience the incredible moments in the laurel forest when the sunlight mixes at the same time with the wafts of mist. Pure magic! No less exciting is an off-road tour through the jungle of the island and hikes in the nature-protected Fanal Area.

Magic happenslaurel tree fores of Madeira

adventure roadtrip through the fascinating Fanal Area with Adventureland Madeira

For sports lovers, Madeira offers a wide range of activities to really let off steam: surfing, sailing, diving, mountain biking, stand-up paddling, sailing, paragliding – the list of leisure activities seems to be endless here. No wonder, the tourist public of the island is getting younger and more enthusiastic, which is a great enrichment for the island, because it obviously has a lot to offer!


We don’t want to withhold a great insider tip: Madeira’s daughter island Porto Santo. The world seems to be completely different here. Slowly, calm and frugal. The eleven kilometres long island is a dream for all those who want to relax far away from all the loud abundance. The “golden island” rightly bears its name: the 9 km long, fine sandy beach is a real tourist magnet. For a relaxing walk in the sand to pleasant sea sounds it is worth to plan some time. By the way well-being: Porto Santo stands for health, because exactly this sand offers special therapeutic qualities.

Sports can be also done here very well. Also going on excursions to discover the beautiful landscape or the sea by boat. The chance to meet dolphin flocks on a boat trip is high and the enthusiasm that makes the experience unforgettable is almost infinite. However, in the centre of the island something else is waiting for the curious: an artificial botanical garden with a colourful variety of exotic bird species is simply great and quite unexpected. During an off-road tour we´ve seen amazing island hotspots and learn that Porto Santo intends to become the “Spa Isle often the Future”. The conditions are there; the power of will and enthusiasm as well. A real treasure in the Atlantic Ocean.

Here the golfer’s heart definitely beats an octave higher!

local fact

On Porto Santo 70 percent of the area is nature protected.

The Portuguese volcanic island Porto Santo can be reached in less than two hours by the ferry, which departs daily from Madeira in the morning and returns in the evening. The island also has its own airport, which flies directly to and from Lisbon. How about a voyage of discovery instead of just reading some of it?

Wish you a wonderful day!