A new place to stay – reopening of the NH Collection Amsterdam Flower Market

Amsterdam, one of the most popular city travel destinations in Europe, has had a new hotspot for tourists, city hoppers and business travelers since April 2019: the newly opened NH COLLECTION AMSTERDAM FLOWER MARKET in the middle of the vibrant city is convincing, not only because of its urban interior but also because of its welcoming gestures. Moreover, it offers passers-by an impressive view of the special design concept and an exquisite sea of flowers in the foyer through the glass front.


NH Collection Flower Market
Vijzelstraat 4, 1017 HK, Amsterdam, Niederlande

Urban Chic & elegant Flair

If the sun’s rays wake you up through the window at half past six in the morning and you can hear seagulls in one of the most beautiful and coolest cities in the world at the same time, the day in the Dutch capital can’t start any better. The view above the city from the NH Collection Amsterdam Flower Market Hotel is simply magnificent from every side and different every time as well. We convinced ourselves of this during a tour in the hotel!

A sweet speciality of the house: Lemon mousse with chocolate scramble and blueberries.

The extraordinary taste of the house with the focus on fantastic flower arrangements, the handwriting of the visionaries and the creative there, can be seen in every room and every recreation area. Indeed, it is a wonderful feeling to be able to immerse yourself in a sea of flowers in the early morning, awaiting the guests in the breakfast room, with a promising view outside of the lively hustle and bustle of Amsterdam.

feel the nh collection

“feel unique”
“feel inspired”
“feel the extraordianry”

Amsterdam – historical & modern, versatile & exciting

The NH Collections Amsterdam Flower Market is located in a prime location between the city’s typical canals, right next to a historic sightseeing hotspot: the Munttoren. Further sightseeing points are within easy to reach whether by walking along the canals or by public transport. By the way, there is a tram stop right in front of the entrance door of the hotel! The exciting Amsterdam nightlife at Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein is also only a few minutes away.

Tip: Take a culinary walk through the city! Absolutely exciting to see and discover are other houses of the NH Collection Hotels in Amsterdam. Each has its own character and a fantastic range of delicacies for gourmets such as the NH Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace.
Another highlight of the city is the legendary d´Vijff Vlieghen restaurant. The building alone with its museum-like interior is worth a visit!

A boat tour through Amsterdam is highly recommended! Thus you will not only see some of the architecture of the city in a comfortable way, you will get a lot of information by your guide as well. By the way, did you know why buildings in Amsterdam are crooked? In former times, the houses were built on wooden posts so that they had a foothold on the swampy ground. These rotted with the time and this formed the inclined facades, which we know today. The typical architectural construction of the buildings with a narrow front was created quite simply for tax reasons. The narrower the houses, the lower the taxes. Otherwise the houses became longer and higher.

local fact

It’s forbidden to honk in Amsterdam City! There are also few cars on the streets of Amsterdam. That’s why you can see boats everywhere on the canals. Some of these boats even serve as permanent living spaces or Airbnb flats.

In spite of its historical townscape, Amsterdam is a lively metropolis. Hip, trendy, very suitable for parties, relaxed and nevertheless very culturally rich! A great city to discover it again and again.  And of course to fall in love with every single time. Maybe in the new Place to stay the next time?

I wish you a wonderful day!