Gift ideas | Giving memories with photos – always a good idea!

I have no idea what came over me that made me order all my photos as prints. Prints of the last three years with all my travels I have made through blogging. But also photo prints from trips with my friends. But the best idea is still to come… Photo calendar photo book The Golden Bun

PHOTO BOOKS as memories

The best idea was to stick them all neatly by hand into these beautiful sketchbooks (which we always bought for our studies). A great plan, which would have been a great occupation for the first lockdown… also for the second lockdown light. But guess how many albums I finally made? Maybe three or four… of at least 10-15 trips! I would have saved myself a lot of time by simply ordering a photo book online. Of course I hadn’t calculated the hours of work.

  • A good supplier here is Albelli, for example, which offers not only photo books, but also many beautiful photo products. Photo calendar photo book The Golden Bun Photo calendar photo book The Golden Bun

… and also perfect as a Christmas present!

Photo books are particularly suitable as Christmas gifts. This year, however, I unfortunately did not take many trips with my friends and family. But I will order a small album with our conversion online. As you have noticed on Instagram (@thegoldenbun), we have started to extend our attic in spring. I also find it very exciting to record the conversion as a memory. photo calendar photo book The Golden Bun

Two years ago I ordered a photo calendar for my grandfather, which I can definitely recommend to you. I will do this again in the coming days. Next year, I absolutely have to take more photos again, so that I have more photos to choose from. photo calendar photo book The Golden Bun

Do you still make “old school” photo albums or do you prefer to order photo books online?

I wish you a nice day!