Going green!

Why bother going green?

PLENTY of people say it, and the rest of us probably think it as we browse the energy-efficient light bulbs, unplug our TV or leave the car and walk to the shops instead. What’s the point in cutting our personal carbon footprint when more than a billion Chinese and most of the rest of the planet are jacking up their emissions as if there were no tomorrow?
It’s a fair question. After all, the atmosphere doesn’t distinguish between a tonne of Chinese carbon dioxide and a tonne emitted by the west. As the rest of the world carries on regardless, are the paltry savings from recycling your beer cans or insulating your roof anything more than a drop in the ocean? If you just stopped trying, would the planet notice? In this special investigation, we crunch the numbers to find out whether going green is worth all the bother…
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What do you think?

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