Red passion walking through the muds

Another shooting day with one of my best friends… First we were hanging out on my terrace and studying latin (Seneca’s scripts are so annoying) but then we decided to have some shoots. Since a long time we’ve been thinking of going to this sleazy store house nearby, so we went there. It was kind of scary walking through a abandoned place not knowing what’s hidden. Nontheless we took nice pics. It was a funny afternoon!

Photocredits: V.Prossliner & Myself

Red passion…there’s not much more to say about it. I love this shirt a lot! Although it is quite simple, it looks pretty. Of course, red nail polish (addicted to nail polish!!!)

Shirt: Tally Wjeil | Jeans: F&J | Shoes: Zara TRF | Bag: MiuMiu | Jewellery: Accessorize


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