A currywurst around the corner

Wow! Two weeks rushed past so quickly. At the moment I’m sitting in the train back home – all in all 10:57 hours. Although I enjoyed the time so much I can’t wait to get home. I haven’t seen my best friend for three weeks and I’m missing her so much!
Oh, I’ve got to tell you a litte about Berlin. Although I’ve already been there in February it was a completely new experience. But I liked the sunny and autumnal Berlin ways more than the covered in snow one. I saw more places and took dope pictures. Here are some pictures at the Memorial of the Holocaust near the Brandenburg Gate and in front of the Reichstag.

I’m sure you’re more interested in the post coming up in a few days (probably on Monday or Tuesday), which is about stores, secondhandshops and sleepers – shortform ‚SSS‘.


P.s.: Can you find me on the picture below?! :-)

Jacket: Bershka | Skirt: Promod


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