Rügen | Roofed wicker beach chair

Interrail | Rügen

Hello lovelies,
hope you’re fine. I’m doing well and I am enjoying the last days of my trip. We spent the past days on the Island Rügen in northern Germany. The weather was nice, but quite windy. The first day we arrived we thought we were in the middle of nowhere. Indeed it was quite weird to be in pure nature in contrast to noisy and lively Amsterdam. Nothing around you, no traffic, just silence. On the one hand, it was very relaxing. On the other hand, we’ve already dreamt of Berlin, which we will be arriving in a few hours. Nonetheless we had lots of fun yesterday. We took a daily bus ticket and we visited almost the whole island. I think we spent most of the day on the bus. We drove from one place to the other, because there wasn’t so much to see. Nonetheless we took beautiful pictures. That’s what counts. I forgot to say how much I love roofed wicker beach chairs (Oh my god this word is so long. In German it’s just ‚Strandkorb‘).Berlin is calling. I’m so excited…stay tuned!



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