Ruffled black jacket and a lace shirt

DAMN! Something really really awful happened. I used to upload my pictures with Tinypic and accidentally I opened my blog today. Then I saw that it didn’t load my pictures, i.e. the pictures appeared but with an error. I went to my Tinypic-page and they told me I could no longer upload pictures and have to do it with Photobucket. So far so good. They also told me the links were still active, but they weren’t on my blog. So I exported most of the pictures to Photobucket. But all the old posts do not contain any pictures anymore! How can they do this to me? I’m really sorry for this and if I have some spare time I’ll figure that out.
At least I still had these pictures. I wear my lovely ruffled black jacket, which I bought in Amsterdam at Bershka paired with a lace shirt, which I can also wear as a dress. And my most worn accessory – my Canon! =) By the way, I love Chucks and have a few pairs at home. As for me they only look like real Chucks if they’re totally used!



Jacket: Bershka | Pants: H&M | Belt: Accessorize


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