Milano di notte

Beside fashion I love Milano for the so called Aperitivo lungo. In fact, it’s like a happy hour at the bars. Not only you get drinks but you can also eat something. The bars offer a free buffet with various meals, e.g. cold risotto, olives, penne all’arrabiata, lasagne, artichokes and more. The prices for drinks range from 9€ to 20€. Actually it’s quite cheap for an ‚all you can‘. And not to mention how good it is! The Italians love it and there are so many young people who do this. I can recommend you the bar ‚Cheese‘ in via Celestino IV 11. It’s right at the corner at the Colonne. In this area you find all the bars offering this. Whenever you go to Milan do it!
We had an aperitivo lungo every evening and it was so much fun! After I took my new heels for a little walks through Milan by night! So beautiful!

Btw my birthday is coming up in one week’s time…


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