Eating in Venice | Sabato in Campo

Fritto Misto

Here are delayed pictures from Venice. Accidentally we came by a square where they sold Fritto Misto. As we were starving it came right on time. Delicious sea food! Unfortunately I don’t remember the square and I was unable to find it on Google Maps either. But it’s close to piazza San Marco. If you walk all the way from Piazzale di Roma in direction to Piazza San Marco on foot you’ll probably come along. Buona Fortuna e buon appetito! (Good luck and enjoy your meal)

„Sabato in Campo“
Fritto Misto direttamente dal Mercato e Calice di Chardonnay o Frizzantino di Lison a 8€
Castradina e Verze con Calice di Cabernet Lison a 10€


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