Venice for a day

The Parisian Way of Wearing a Coat

Sun in Venice is very rare. In fact, according to the weather report it’s flood-proned again today. I’m very lucky – it was quite hot and there was a wonderful atmosphere compared to the gray Munich in the past days. Indeed, I wore a coat ways to hot and I prefered wearing it like this. I read at AfterDRK’s that it was THE way of wearing a coat during Paris Fashion Week. I can tell that it’s quite comfortable. There pictures were taken on Piazza San Marco very quickly as we were rushing to La Biennale – People meet in Architecture, which was the only reason I drove to Venice all the long way down (actually only 2 hours car drive). It was a great exhibition and can’t wait for the next in two years time. There is a post coming up about it for those of you who are interested in Architecture…see you soon!

Coat: Me&Me | Scarf: Tally Wjeil | Pants: H&M | Cardigan: Max Mara | Bag: Miu Miu | Jewellery: H&M | Boots: Ugg Boots


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