Ostrich printed | my first Furla bag

Furla Bag Furla Bag Furla Bag Furla Bag

Jacket: Kookai | Bag: Furla | Jeans: DIY | Boots: Janet and Janet | Nail polish: Barry M.

Ostrich. I’ve been looking for the perfect bag for such a long time. Additionally I am really picky when it comes to bags. Actually I hate buying bags, shoes are so much better. I’ve known Furla since when I was a kid. My mom used to have them and Furla has become so popular since then. Especially for the candy bags. Therefore I couldn’t wait to get my first Furla bag for my birthday. The Kookai sweater is also a gift from my boys! Thank you so much. Currently I’ve been wearing it to sleep. Enough talk – I am off to work again. Happy Monday!


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