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The Golden Bun | München Modeblog, German Fashion Blog, Fashionblogger, new trends

The Golden Bun | München Modeblog, German Fashion Blog, Fashionblogger, new trends
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layout custom by Hatake
I couldn’t be happier about the new layout now. In fact, I’ve been starting to regret not having moved to WordPress two years ago when I changed to my new layout, that it was about time to give my blog new opportunities.
So here we are – fresh new layout with lots of possibilities!

If you’re thinking of changing to WordPress, there are so many articles up on the net to help you with it. Find one great article and one more (unfortunately the articles are only available in German, but maybe you can use Google Translate)

With these articles moving is very easy. I do know a little bit about HTML and code every post by myself. But I recognised that moving my blog will be a lot more complex. And before causing a lot of chaos, I’ve decided to get myself some professional help from a friend from Hatake.
You cannot imagine how long it took us to import all my posts and pictures! Luckily, WordPress has some handy tools that ease the transfer (e.g. Photobucket Image importer / Blogpost importer and more). Even though my old layout and blogposts have already been organized by html, WordPress didn’t take over the code. Moreover, I had like 10 different types of posts with different picture sizes that had to be changed (that is so me – little chaos queen). After about two weeks it was done now!

Why WordPress?

  1. being independent
  2. having my own webspace to upload unlimited material
  3. having all tools (e.g. Google Analytics) on one surface
  4. more design possibilities
  5. SEO reasons (still needs to be fixed)
  6. addition to point 5. Language switch. The possibilities to write articles in one language rather two in one (still needs to be done too)
  7. WordPress is a lot handier to use mobile / apparently Google is ranking non-mobile websites worse than mobile ones

What’s new?

  • a new home surface with slider and grid layout
  • updated categories, e.g. travel section divided in countries / food-guides / blogroll
  • the possibility to change to the classic blog mode
  • full-width posts with bigger image size
  • a well-functioning mobile version
  • and a lot more … discover yourself!

All in all, I am very happy with the result and I hope you like it too?

Wish you a wonderful day!


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