It’s my birthday & 25 facts about me

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25 Facts about me #2

photo – Bastian Ramoser

It’s my birthday. Yay I’m turning 25 now and up to know I’m always close to 30 rather than 20. I know the birthday series shot a couple of years ago is getting old but I absolutely love the pictures. And I’ve wanted to do a couple of facts about me again, which was definitely hard to pick. Read my first part here! My mom and I spent two lovely nights at the hip Mama Thresl in Leogang and we’re off to Salzburg now!

  1. I love grocery shopping! Maybe because it distracts me from shopping other stuff!
  2. I can postpone certain things forever – I guess I can do certain things even better under pressure!
  3. I love to hoover but I hate cleaning!
  4. I love MUJI! 1st I could spend hours in it & 2nd I could buy nearly everything! Especially all the office items, note books, pencils… ok I’ll head to MUJI after work
  5. Once in a while I listen to Pumuckl (which is an old German radio play series) for sleeping in. When I was younger I also loved Benjamin Blümchen!
  6. My favorite mascara-brand remains Clinique (I use the brand since I am 15)  – I can highly recommend the High Impact Black
  7. I’m scatterbrained sometimes! One evening I broke three glasses in a row!
  8. When I was little I spent my summer with 1 week of cabin camp with the ministrants, 2 weeks of tent camps with the childrens’ group up in the mountains followed by 2 weeks of holiday colony at the beach in Caorle. Of course, holidays with my parents too. Can I be a kid again? (without going back to school?) Best summers! There is to say that we always had three months of summer holidays!
  9. I love white roses
  10. I could spend hours reformatting my own posts!
  11. The Golden Bun was launched 2012 and was named Vicreative before
  12. I hadn’t worn any watch until I was 19. I got my first Michael Kors watch at Ingolstadt Village
  13. I can be super chaotic but after a while I have to clean everything. My boyfriend would prefer that I’d organize my stuff more regularly rather than one time every once in a while
  14. when I was a kid my friend had a huge box with jewelry and I didn’t. When I was 14 I bought so much jewelry and wore a different pair of earrings every day…
  15. … until I couldn’t wear any fake jewelry any longer and I only wear my pearl earrings right now
  16. I dyed my hair only once for a promotion job for L’Oreal
  17. I started reading again a few months ago. My latest addiction is the Stephanie Plum book series from Janet Evanovich
  18. after I got my driving licence I nearly broke my mirrors…
  19. … and I crashed with a Carabinieri bus once which wasn’t so much fun. That’s why I’m a legend in my hometown.
  20. my dream is to live in New York for a couple of years!
  21. I don’t like sweets except of a good chocolate with whole hazelnuts! hmmm!
  22. as a kid I collected sugar bags from different cafés. After years my mum used them all up for baking. That was quite a lot of sugar I’d collected.
  23. I always have tons of pasta at home! I love it!
  24. I have a younger brother. As a teenager he was super annyoing some time and I wished for an older brother. Right now the age difference doesn’t matter any longer.
  25. I was born on the 10.10.1991 and was the first Klieber-daughter after 136 years.

Happy birthday to me!


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