April recap – back to a regular job? 7 years TGB & more

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Life on my phone KW 13 – 17

1 all those delicious fruit in Thailand
2 doing the backpacking life
3 amazing food prepared by our host family
4 diving into the sea
5 so much fun in Thailand
6 Ha Long Bay
7 a coconut a day
8 playing Tarzan
9 beautiful water reflections
10 beautiful village in Thailand
11 the Vietnamese life
12 another one from Ha Long Bay

Instagram – @thegoldenbun

7 Jahre The Golden Bun! Wow, where has the time gone? Time to celebrate and my blog birthday giveaways are already in full swing. Have you already participated? My last days in Vietnam are slowly coming to an end. Today is the first day when I didn’t set an alarm, which was absolutely needed. Sleeping in was the best decision. After a couple of days in Ho Chi Minh (best city!!), I will spend the last days here in Hoi An, a small fishing village. On Thursdsay I will finally fly back to Europe. After such a long travel I always need time to acclimatise. But there won’t be any time for that – you snooze, you loose! It will continue as busy as before. On Saturday I will photograph my acquaintance’s wedding, which I’m pretty excited for. ≻ see some of my wedding photography here! Of course a lot more is planned! See more below.

April in a nutshell: Thailand – MunichSouth Tyrol – Vietnam

Monthly favorites thought
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… what I want to achieve, which my next station will be. Up to know most things in my life happened casually. Hadn’t I discovered randomly Chiara Ferragni on Flickr, I wouldn’t be here. Here in Hoi An. In Vietnam. On a blogger trip invited by the Vietnamese tourism department. It’s already my third Asia trip this year! On the one side I always question myself if this is the right path. Right now I’m freelancing as blogger, photographer and social media consultant. Although it works out very well my love for Architecture has fallen by the wayside. I miss it. Therefore, I would love to break out towards this direction too. Traveling is great, don’t get me wrong but right now I crave for a more regular life: To be at home at least three weeks in a row and to be able to work calmly on my projects. Althought, this won’t be the case until July. We’ll see if I will have changed my opinion by then again.

Monthly favorites Bought
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Beautiful pieces from Armor Lux. The maritime brand creates beautiful classic clothing with a great quality. Highly to recommend ≻ I’ve seen that you’ll get 50% off your 2nd piece until May 8th. Moreover, I’ve gotten a huge order from Oasis. I just love the British brand and I’ve already shot some of the looks here in Vietnam.

Here an overview of all pieces:

photos via the shops mentioned above

Montly favorites planned – travels

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and I are going to fly to Greece for two weeks – whoop whoop! Moreover, a spontaneous invitation to Vienna came in. is going to join me too. In between I will finally be back home in South Tyrol, which I’m excited for.

🇦🇹 🇬🇷 🇮🇹

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  5. Travel: Ski weekend in Saalbach Hinterglemm

It felt so good right now to share my thoughts with you. I didn’t write any articles last week and I’m full with energy again. But there’s so much to do now: organize my pictures, cut my travel vlogs and write, write, write. Luckily I’ve already worked on my emails.

Have a great start into the week!


  • Wundervolle Fotos! Ich bin gespannt, wo dein Weg dich noch hinführen wird. Es ist immer witzig zu bemerken, wie sich jeder das wünscht, was er nicht hat. Menschen mit einem sehr geregelten Leben wünschen sich mehr Abenteuer und erfolgeiche Blogger oft ein geregelteres Leben. Aber du schaffst es sicher, einen gesunden Mix zu erreichen.
    Liebe Grüße ♡Kristina

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