Berlin living #2 | My wardrobe organisation

Here comes a long time requested post… my wardrobe organization! When I moved to Berlin I didn’t plan to get a wardrobe at all (the most stupid thought). Instead I tried to fit my clothes on two clothing racks plus in the six drawers under my bed. But as much as I’d love to live more minimalistic it wasn’t possible at all. Especially, in winter I feel like I have the double of my summer pieces. Down padded jackets (which I can’t all store in our entrance) and coats take away so much space. Not to mention sweaters… oh my! But it’s definitely time for a spring cleaning now.

To be honest, I’m not one hundred percent happy with IKEAs quality. However, not knowing how long I’d stay in Berlin it wasn’t the time to invest a lot of money (whereas the PAX system isn’t the cheapest either).
Here’s my Ikea Pax organisation…

inspiration ikea pax organisation - wohnen in berlin
inspiration ikea pax organisation - wohnen in berlin


First, I got a 50cm + 100cm PAX wardrobe in height 201cm second hand. I thought the lower size wouldn’t look too big. However, the room is quite bright and you would’ve barely noticed the higher one. Of course, 1,5 metres of wardrobe weren’t enough and I added another 50cm wide one with lots of drawers. As much as I love hanging my clothes, drawers are simply the best. I highly recommend the 50 ones as you can organize your stuff a lot better. I used to have the 75 size in my old apartment which is the perfect size in my opinion.

inspiration ikea pax organisation - wohnen in berlinsome bags as decoration, the folders are from muji


  • Buy IKEA stuff second hand! Depending in which state the furniture is you can always get it around 50% cheaper.
  • Roll it up! 1 drawer fits around 6-8 rolled pullover
  • White shirts to the left, dark ones to the right… 1 drawer fits 12-18 basic shirts plus a couple undershirts
  • such a pull-out tray is perfect if you store your shoes in two rows
  • the ‘laundry’ drawer is quite useful if you don’t want to have your dirty laundry lying around
  • your pumps look a lot fancier under a glass shelf
  • fill up the wholes with VARIERA cover caps and make your wardrobe look more expensive
inspiration ikea pax organisation - wohnen in berlin
inspiration ikea pax organisation - wohnen in berlin

… these are only three out of 60 pairs of high heels I’ve collected. But my summer’s collection had to wait at home. I definitely need to find a solution for all my shoes!

For those who wonder where all my blouses and tops are (and yes, that’s quite a collection) – I’ve got another large clothing rack (which I’ll show you in another post). Blouses and tops are all the same hight and I’ve arranged them by color, which looks super organized.

inspiration ikea pax organisation - wohnen in berlin

Well, that was it. For those of you who’ve thought that I own much more clothes I have to disappoint you. I resell a lot of clothes. Lately I’ve put myself on a little shopping ban too. We’ll see how long that will last for!

Happy Sunday!

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  • Das schaut so hübsch und ordentlich aus.
    Ich bin auch gerade – seit Monaten – dabei meinen Schrank auszumisten und ein bisschen Platz zu schaffen. Man trägt das ganze Zeug ja irgendwie doch nicht regelmäßig und es nimmt einfach so unendlich viel Platz weg.
    An Motivation mangelt es mir grundsätzlich nicht ;)

    Liebe Grüße


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