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 breakfast on another level in Neukölln

The Future Breakfast. I love having breakfast in Neukölln even though it’s quite far from where I live. If you’ve ever been to the area around Böhmerplatz you’ll be immediately enchanted by the beautiful facades and cute squares. Moreover it will make you question if that is really Neukölln. In fact, the neighborhood got super popular within the last years. The best thing about it is that more and more great cafés open there.


Restaurant in Berlin

The Future Breakfast team apparently used to have a breakfast stall at Markthalle Neun before they’ve started their new project – their own café in the South of Neukölln facing one of my favorite spots Hallmann & Klee. I brought a couple of friends of me down to Neukölln for a cozy breakfast brunch – at least that was the plan…


The Future Breakfast

On the menu you’ll find an array of drinks – coffee, hot chocolate, home made lemonade and more. I didn’t expect the breakfast menu to be so small but I’m sure there’s everything for any taste. In the end, we ordered all four dishes and shared them.

The Breakfast Menu
  • Eggs Benedict (9,5€) – two poached organic eggs on homemade English muffins with chipotle, king oyster mushrooms and Hollandaise sauce
  • Matcha Pancakes (9,00€) – with green apple and black sesame, coconut whip
  • Pearl Barley Bowl (9,00€) – roasted sweet potato, pomegranate and kale bowl with a cashew and wild garlic dressing topped with two poached organic eggs (+2,50€)
  • Cocoa-buckwheat Granola (8,50€) with poached pear and creamy organic curd or vegan coconut yoghurt (+2,50€)

Guess who took the poached eggs? Me of course. I’ve had a few poached eggs lately and I didn’t expect them to be as good. The Oyster mushrooms went to well together with the eggs and the light salad. The little bit of paprika and chipotle was perfectly balanced.


Moreover, I shared the matcha pancakes. Although I didn’t quite taste the matcha strong enough the creamy coconut whip togheter with the black sesame was great. I didn’t try the granola but my friend liked it a lot.


The Future Breakfast

Really love café and great concept of food. The terrace outside is really lovely now in spring. Since they’ve just opened on Easter weekend it was super crowded last weekend. The problem was that the staff was absolutely not prepared for so many people to come. We’ve waited one hour for our drinks, even getting water in between took ages. Another hour passed until we got our dishes. Lucky them, they breakfast was great. I’ve talked to the café owners during the week and they assured me that they’ve hired more people for the weekend. Speaking for myself, I’ll definitely come back again. The breakfast was way too good!

Breakfast in Neukölln
The Future Breakfast

Böhmische Str. 46, 12055 Berlin

breakfast dishes range from 8,5 – 9,5€


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I wish you a wonderful day!


  • Im ersten Moment dachte ich noch, ooookay, 4 Frühstücksvariationen ist ja doch ein bisschen mau (und mutig bei all der Konkurrenz in der Gegend ) aber das sieht soo so lecker aus,.dass ich wohl doch mal hin muss

    Liebe Grüße,

    • ja das genau das dachte ich mir auch. aber eigentlich ist es auch sehr clever! Es ist eigentlich für jeden Geschmack etwas dabei!
      bin gespannt, wie du es findest!

      ein traumhaftes Wochenende,

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