A rose jacket

Hello everybody!!! What a lovely day… sun is shining, but I can’t bear the heat… Not that staying at home and doing school work is better, but at the moment I’m pretty fine in my cold room. :) I still got to go through my art talk about Kandinsky (one of my favourite artists) and study German literature (literature after World War I and World War II), at least it is more interesting than the stuff we did last year > baroque. Fortunately I cannot even remember what it was about. Really, really boring.
I wanted to show you this great blazer my mom sewed this weekend. I think it’s a bit Chanel-like. I like it a lot. Especially I love short-sleeved jackets!!!

Jacket: Vicky by Linde | Trousers: H&M | Shirt: Tezenis | Chain: Accesorize

Work is waiting…


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