There I am in my new life (at least I try to persuade myself that it’s new) – I can’t even believe that it’s acutally over! With the time I really got used learning which I’m already missing (just kidding!!!) I’m so glad that’s it’s over… Maybe tomorrow I will realise it! Although… now that I’m writing this things I feel a certain joy, delightment, but simply relief!
So guys here’s the thing… today I went shopping, didn’t buy anything worth showing you. Tomorrow I’ll spend the whole morning at the bar next to our school waiting for the other classmates to finish and then finally spent the afternoon at the lake with my loves… We definitely have to get a drink (or two… or…)!!!
I promise to post new outfits within this week!
On Saturday I’m going to Munich to pick up my brother, who spent the last two weeks in Hastings… Fortunately he will be arriving in the evening so my parents and I can spend the whole day there!

Does anybody by chance know if the sales have already started in Munich?!
have a wonderful evening!!
the new me.

I had to show you this pictures… haha… this hairdo looks so funny.. :)

yaaaaay… finally done!

lol! these times are over!!! SCHOOL IS DONE!!!
(look at all those books > my table looked similar, but mine was only occupied half)

Nie wieder Wisslyz!
(Never again Wisslyz)

Ps.: thanks to Mia from Mias Little Corner for the blog award!! I really appreciate that!!! So cute of you!!!


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