Berlin | Secondhandshops

Here is the post I promised you on Sunday about Secondhandshops and so on in Berlin. As we had a daily ticket we hapharzardly drove through Berlin – our first stop was Treptower Park. Actually we wanted to see that ‘Molecule man’, which is an artpiece on the river. By the way, you can sneak a peek my pictures in the next post. Furthermore you also get a link to see the selection of my favorites and I also think the best ones (if you like to). Anyway we saw them and decided to explore the district a little bit. Accidentally we came along a gigantic secondhand shop. Well no, it wasn’t a second hand shop. It was more like an old factory and different people are selling their things. Very cool. You can find everything from pieces of furnitures, cloths, fur coats, old bikes, gettoblasters and more. I love to stay at those places, also if I just watch. In fact, I didn’t buy anything. I would have if I found something worth. No I really regret that I didn’t buy me a polaroid camera. That would have been so cool. In this area there are also lots of nice little shops and restaurants and bars near the river. Glad I found all this!
Another great shopping area is also near Rosa Luxemburger square. I was so happy to find a Cheap Monday shop with a lot of stuff.

I don’t think this was the last time for me to go to Berlin. Last tip: also try Sushi Circle on the Ku’damm. So delicious. All you can eat for 15,95€! That is really worth it! Hope you’ve enjoyed the post…any other sleeper for me? let me know!

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