Easterrabbit come along

Photography/FotografieBastian Ramoser

Frohe Ostern! Buona pascua! Happy Easter!

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday – it is great time to bond together with the family.
It is all about annually traditions. On Easter Sunday we used to have an abundant breakfast with the family. Eating Fochats, which is a special bread baken around Easter Time in South Tyrol with Easter Ham (I am not sure about the correct translation nor do I know if this tradition exists in other countries). Well, let us say you never stop eating Fochats&Easter Ham until Easter Monday evening. But I love it! Then we used to have lunch – usually lamb with asparagus and Bozner Sauce cooked by my mom. She is very good at it. By the way whenever you come to South Tyrol in spring you should have this.
This year will be different for me as I am working. But I will be eating Fochats&Easter Ham, though. And I am sure some Lindt bunnies and eggs are hidden for me somewhere.
Do you have any special traditions?

Enjoy and don’t eat too much chocolate!


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