Capsule Show Paris

Daydream Nation
Reece Hudson
Capsule Show, Les Docks Paris | 28. – 30.09.2012
CapsuleShow. In between the shows during Fashion Week Conny and I took a look at some collections at Les Docks. This time we focused on accessories and jewelry and discovered some great brands.

Starting with the in South Korea based brand Fleamadonna, whereof I loved the embroidered headbands and bracelets. Their collection focused this season on flower prints, pastel colours and a lot of bling bling. Another Asian brand I loved was Daydream Nation, which is based in Hong Kong. Their designer Kay Wong and Jing Wong created those cool shoes collection, which I definitely want a pair of for spring. I’ve been searching similar ones for a while now.

Coming back to Europe we discovered the London based bag and accessory brand Kzeniya. The handcrafted pieces can be created individually choosing the color of the plastic details or leather. The layering of the perspex pieces in combination with asymmetric shapes makes the collection outstanding. Can I please have one of these?

Switching overseas to New York we met the people behind Chrishabana, which had some of my favorite pieces. I fell in love with their playful statement jewelry designed with Swarowski elements.

Last but not least I want to present you the beautiful bags from Reece Hudson. We were told that ManRepeller is a good friend of them and carries around their bags all the time. Maybe their bags will be the next blogger bag? As for me, I simply love the delicate design made out of different materials and individual styles. There is a model for every taste.

I hope you liked the various brands and more of my life in Paris soon here on the blog – à bientôt!

Thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes! This means a lot to me!


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