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Le Jardinier. We accidentally popped into this cute little restaurant located in the 9th arrondissement. As you can see it is all about le jardinier – the gardener and the restaurant is tenderly decorated in this theme according to the current season. It is a good choice for a cosy ambient with a great selection of food. I had a pumpkin soup with a poached egg for the first time, which is such a good combination. Also, the entrecôte was worth taking. Even though my favorite place for a good entrecôte à point is still Le Relais de l’Entrecôte. Which in fact, reminds me of the need of going there as soon as possible again… and take some pictures for you too :) Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit!

lesjardinien1.jpg lesjardinien2.jpg lesjardinien4.jpg lesjardinien7.jpg lesjardinien9.jpg lesjardinien10.jpg lesjardinien11.jpg lesjardinien12.jpg
Le Jardinier

5 Rue Richer – 75009 Paris
Menu déjeuner à 26€ (entrée + plat + dessert) ou – La formule à 22€ (entrée + plat ou plat + dessert) – menu-carte à 39 € (sinon entrées 12€, plats 24€, desserts 12€)


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