Weekend love | Skiing on Seiser Alm with Atomic Ski

Ski day with Atomic. What a wonderful weekend! Back in Munich it already feels forever that we were back in South Tyrol at my parents’. Luckily we drove back home already on thursday and caught a wonderful day up in the mountains for skiing. The rest of the weekend was not too good.After over three years it was about time for a new ski gear and I was lucky to choose some new pieces from ATOMIC Ski. The jacket and the pants are so comfortable – super light and amazing quality. How many times I was skiing with minus degrees and was freezing my a** off. My new Cliffline Stormfold jacket has two layers which allows me firstly, to cover the jacket below from the snow and secondly, to wear it alone in spring when it’s already getting hotter.

Whenever you go skiing you should not forget your sun protection! This time I brought a lighter one from Tromborg with me. You can so easily burn yourself, especially when you’re enjoying the sun during lunch break. Moreover, my Olympus PEN E-PL7 fit perfectly into my jacket’s pocket. The size is just perfect to carry it around everywhere. For spontaneous shots I used the 17mm 1.8 lens.

have a wonderful day!

thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren2.jpg      thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren3.jpg thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren5.jpg thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren15.jpg      thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren16.jpg thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren7.jpg thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren8.jpg      thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren9.jpg

ski essentials // ATOMIC ski, helmet, goggles & beanie, BURTON gloves, TROMBORG sun protection, OLYMPUS PEN E-PL7

thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren11.jpg thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren8.jpg      thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren13.jpg thegoldenbun_seiseralmskifahren17.jpg

après ski with an Aperol Spritz or like we call it at home Veneziano

A ski day in South Tyrol with ATOMIC Ski

total look ATOMIC Ski

ski jacket – Cliffline Stormfold Jacket W (here)
ski pants – Cliffline 2l Pant W (here)
beanie – Amt Slouch Fit W (here)
helmet & goggles – ATOMIC

photos – © Vicky Klieber
*thank you Atomic


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