It’s my birthday & 24 Facts about me

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Photo – Bastian Ramoser (old from 2010)

Birthday Girl. I’m turning 24 today (to myself: don’t think about the age, don’t think about the age). Together with some friends from Munich I drove down to my hometown to celebrate the birthday here. So excited!

Since I am turning 24 here are 24 facts about me:

  1. Paris will always be my favorite city, next up is Rome and London / Berlin for eating
  2. I didn’t like Mango until I discovered this delicious fruit in Bali
  3. my best friend ist the complete opposite of me – brown hair, huntress and definitely not as internet-addicted as me
  4. I went on a scientific high school. I loved my school … NOT! Maths, physics and chemistry weren’t made for me
  5. I’ve learnt to love red wine in Paris – of course, on a warm autumn day along the Seine.
  6. Apart from accessories and one sweater I don’t have anything striped.
  7. I can get quite nasty if I don’t get anything to eat.
  8. Since Paris I always have oatmeal for breakfast (my boyfriend calls it horse food), which satisfies my hunger the longest and I also love it with only nuts and raisins.
  9. I gained so much weight while I was in Paris (why didn’t nobody tell me that?) ich habe in Paris so richtig zugenommen (warum hat mir das damals keiner gesagt?). Croissants, Pain au Chocolat and cheese was way too delicious. My mom put me on a diet when I got back.
  10. My mom is my biggest example – such a strong woman and she’s interestend in nearly everything
  11. I hate gardening – herbs are fine, but most plants die in my hands..
  12. My firs pet was a gerbil called Flovi. My mother got it for me because we approached the topic ‘the mouse’. During the week it stayed in class with us and on weekends one of my school mates was allowed to bring it home.
  13. I speak four languages quite well – German as mothertongue, Italian, English and French.
  14. When I was a teenager I loved Laguna Beach, The Hills, The City. Lauren Conrad was my biggest example and I always used to copy here eyelid line.
  15. I tried to be a skatergirl when I was younger. My shoes were twice my feet width.
  16. I’m in my final master year of Architektur. Still, I decided not to become an architect.
  17. I got my first DSLR camera at the age of 15. In 2011 I got myself a 60d and since 2014 take all my pictures with a 6d.
  18. In fact, I can buy camera equipment non stop. When it comes to designer pieces I have to think at least 10 times about it. That is probably the reason why I never buy some.
  19. GOSSIP GIRL – best serial ever! These days I love to watch ‘Made in Chelsea’.
  20. I do tenthousand things at the same time. And it always has to be as quick as possible!
  21. I hate waiting! That is the reason why I hate public transport. I love to be flexible by using my bike.
  22. I did a lot of sport –  swimming, ski, athletics, handball and mountainbike..
  23. God, I hated ballet. I started with five and stopped immediately. I tried it one more time at the age of 11 but it was too boring.
  24. … still, I accuse my mom of not having me sent to dance classes! I always loved to dance!

Wish you a wonderful day!


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