A little Paris Diary

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Paris diary. Paris Paris! I was really excited for Paris since our last time dates already back to August. I arrived around noon on Friday and had some free time the whole afternoon. When I got there the weather was perfect and I wished for good weather for the weekend. Unfortunately, Paris turned into its usual grayness and it was super cold.

Paris and I are not in a good place right now. During the last three years I spent more time in Paris than back home in South Tyrol. Don’t get me wrong – being in Paris is always great but right now I feel that I’ve seen most of it and get a little bit bored of the city. Moreover, I’m never driving there for shopping. For the restaurants I definitely would. I think we both need some time apart now and I need to discover new places. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered a couple of new places this time…

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Burger at Le Burger Fermier

I love Expat Edna’s ‚The best things I ate in…‘ – Paris for example Posts. Through her I found Le Burger Fermier at Le Marché des Enfants Rouges. Whenever I’m in Paris I need to eat one of those delicious burger. Therefore, I head there and grabed a hamburger with cheddar cheese and bacon plus fries. There is a fix price of 10€ for a burger and you can choose the type of cheese and top it with bacon for example. The burger was okay but definitely not the best in Paris. I found it a little bit dry and I’d wished for other sauces. Maybe I need to try another kind of cheese next time.

Le Burger Fermier
39 Rue de Bretagne – 75003 Paris

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Lunch at Brasserie Lipp

After my burger I met up with Amandine in Saint-Germain-des-Près. We always meet by coincidence in Paris (I think we saw us more times in Paris than in Germany). Of course, not having seen us in a long time we had a lot to catch up. We drank and ate at Café Lipp which is also a classic in Paris opposite Café de Flore (quite expensive, though!). After my burger a hot chocolate was enough for me, which was very good. Amandine got a big plate of choucroute garnie.

Brasserie Lipp
151 Boulevard Saint-Germain – 75006 Paris

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Brunch at Breakfast in America 3

On Sunday morning we’ve missed breakfast at our hotel and strolled down to the second arrondissement from Pigalle. Paris is great for brunchs on a Sunday and we chose Breakfast in America. The prices sounded reasonable with a brunch for 14€. All in all, it was okay but nothing extraordinary. Well, foodwise Paris wasn’t so kind to me this time.

Breakfast in America 3
41 rue des Jeûneurs – 75002 Paris

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Les passages

In Paris there are so many lovely passages and galeries. You’ll probably know the most famous one – Galerie Vivienne. When we took a stroll down from Montmartre we saw one Galerie and walked through it. Right after there came two more and they were just so beautiful. Apparently, there is a street where there is one galerie after the other (maybe it was this one). Moreover, people live in the upper floors and you’ll notice entrances once in a while.

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Stroll through Saint-Germain-des-Prés

On Sunday afternoon my boyfriend has already gone back to Munich and I had some free-time. I took a long walk to Saint-Germain-des-Près. Even though I lived there for four months in the beginning of my exchange year I discovered a lot more new places. I can only repeat myself – in Paris you’ll never get bored!

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