All eyes on you | new hair with LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris

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la biosthetique fashion week berlin summer 2016

above before picture

LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris. When I was flying back from Mallorca I got a message from Evelyn of LA BIOSTHETIQUE saying that I should place on hold the 30th June for a next travel. No sooner said than done! For one of my favorite hair & beauty brands I’ll always find some free time. One month later I was sitting in the plane on the way to Berlin for a lovely pampering day with the brand. Who’s been reading my blog for a couple of years now you know how much I love the company.
la biosthetique fashion week berlin summer 2016


La Biosthetique Get to know


LA BIOSTHETIQUE is a charming family company, which has salons everywhere on the world and their stylists work at known fashion events. The brand has already been existing since the 50s and was founded by Marcel Contier whose passion was to give his customers more than just hair. In fact, you’ll still feel this when entering one of the salons. The company is planning a lot of news … shuuush! they’ll release a vegan line soon (they already have an organic line!).

My story with LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris dates back to my times in Paris nearly three years ago. The brand came to me and invited me to a backstage meeting with Talbot Runhof. More events together followed, I visited their salon in Paris, photographed backstage for them at Fashion Week and got a sneak-peek or the head-office in Paris. Up to recently when they invited me to Berlin.

la biosthetique fashion week berlin summer 2016


All eyes on you Hair makeover with LA BIOSTHETIQUE


Axel Heumisch is a known photographer, who shot our before / after, such as the making off pictures. As you can see my hair was a little bit longer before. During the makeover my hair didn’t seem so much shorter. You only realize that a couple of days later. It was time to chop them off a little bit. The good thing with hair is that they’ll grow again (apparently 1cm per month). And you’d better get your hair cut from the professional, right?

above lovely Merna and Palina joined too. Ravi kept us male company
below the wonder product – the Volumising Lotion

la biosthetique fashion week berlin summer 2016 la biosthetique fashion week berlin summer 2016 la biosthetique fashion week berlin summer 2016

I was definitely in good hands getting my hair cut and styled by Kathrin Zenk from Molar Berlin: perfect cut, great styling and pleasant talk while the makeover. Last but not least I got a pretty MAC make-up from Angelo and I was ready to shoot.

I couldn’t be happier with the result. My hair looks fresh and modern again. Unfortunately, Kathrin cut it too good that I need to jet to her every once in a while (thank you again!). Up to know I was never disappointed of the service of LA BIOSTHETIQUE. My friends already love the products, which I’ve swooned over for the past years.

A huge thank you for the invitation to the whole LA BIOSTHETIQUE team!

la biosthetique fashion week berlin summer 2016      la biosthetique fashion week berlin summer 2016
in Berlin with LA BIOSTHETIQUE
photos – Axel Heumisch
*in friendly collaboration with LA BIOSTHETIQUE – thank you!


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