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Life on my phone CW 48 – 52

1 beautiful Christmas decoration in Bolzano
2 this evening light was just amazing!
3 finally hitting the slopes
4 Christmas make up with Aussie
5 my NYE look
6 our beautiful Christmas tree in silver and gold
7 my Christmas look
8 the new Oberholz alpine hut in Obereggen
9 perfect sunset!
10 my winter uniform with my new Duvetica jacket
11 interior love at a friend’s place
12 ski ski ski!

Instagram – @thegoldenbun

December recap. How many times did I mention that I was super excited for this year’s pre-Christmas time. No stressful uni crits before Christmas! Howsoever everything comes quite different. I spent the First Advent in Dubai and when we got back it was already 3rd December. Alright – still three weeks until Christmas. Enough time for everything. But then more and more projects were coming in and I was super happy. As a matter of fact, time was running by and I didn’t do anything of my Pre-Christmas-To-Do-List. Postponed to next year!

I spent the last days of the year back home in South Tyrol and it was the best Christmas holidays in years. I’ve done so much and enjoyed every minute being outdoor in the nature (like I told you in the last post – more pictures will follow within this week). Let’s start with last months review now…

Monthly favorites bought
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In December I’m always spending tons of money for Christmas presents. My brother got this cool onepiece from Prinz Luis (it doesn’t always have to be the expensive one from OnePiece) and my mother got this beautiful travel duffle bag from Fox Archer (unfortunately it didn’t arrive on time – thank you Poste Italiane!). Moreover, I was so dumb to drop my electric kettle and ordered myself this beautiful one from WMF. You cook with your eyes first! And I’m a happy owner of the new iPhone 7 Plus. To prevent that my phone wouldn’t drop I ordered this handy Finger Grip ring. So much for the daily stuff I bought.

Of course, I couldn’t resist to buy some nice tops at the end of the year. I’ve been scrolling through Zalando for a long time and found some great pieces. I’ve shown you a few of them already in the last posts. I shopped these:

… I’m broke now!

Monthly favorites Read
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Nothing at all.

Monthly favorites seen
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But I’ve watched lots of movies instead. So many that I can’t even remember all of them. I’ve seen the German movie Willkommen bei den Hartmanns, which I highly recommend. The second movie was Marie Curie, which I also liked. I just found the ending a little bit too dramatic.
It feels like I’ve watched a movie every single day. Here’s a little recap of the ones I remember:

  1. The Holiday – still one of my favourite Christmas movies / Trailer here
  2. Der Nanny – a German comedy with Matthias Schweighöfer / Trailer here
  3. Omamamia – a super funny comedy with Marianne Sägebrecht / Trailer here
  4. Lessons of a Dream – another German movie with Daniel Brühl, I just love his movies / Trailer here
  5. Dear John – a romantic movie with Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. I didn’t quite like the ending / Trailer here
  6. The way – a tragicomedy on the Saint Jacob trail / Trailer here
  7. The Vow – another tragedy with Channing Tatum, which is based on real happenings / Trailer here
  8. Vacation – a super funny comedy to watch with the family / Trailer here
movies to watch with your boyfriend

Monthly favorites planned – Travels

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Next week I’m back in the mountains. I’ll spend four days in LAAX and I’m already super excited for it. My friends were swooning over the great ski area. The week after I’ll probably be in Berlin for the week and I’m happy to see friends again. Hopefully the weather will be good.

Monthly favorites most read posts
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Have a wonderful day!



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