March Recap – greetings from Thailand

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1 afternoon light up in the air
2 beautiful architecture in Tokyo
3 Beach life on Okinawa
4 blossoms in Japan
5 streetlife in Tokyo
6 vacation style on Okinawa
7 dark cherry blossoms
8 a touch of pink
9 beautiful design at PURADIES
10 those lamps are so beautiful
11 #ihavethisthingwith white bathing suits
12 flying into Berlin

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March Recap. Oh-em-gee. The past months have just been incredibly busy that I always need to look up in my calendar what I’ve exactly been up to. Let’s see… The month started in the southernmost part of Japan, Okinawa. I’ve finally finished to cut the travel vlog on the plane yesterday and it’ll be up ASAP (depending on the internet connection here in Thailand). All of my Japan posts are already online and I’ve enjoyed reading.

Right after I spent a couple jetlagged days in Munich and had some quality time with close friends, which was great. ITB in Berlin was on the agenda next. Julia flew into the capital as well and Amandine was so nice to host us. The fair was very busy but interesting. We’ll see how the next catch up round will go. Of course, the airport staff decided to strike right on time while the fair was taking place. As a matter of fact, my flight was cancelled and I had a 6,6 hours train ride to Munich followed by a 3 hours ride back home to Italy. Not so nice!

As soon as I got back home I started unpacking all my stuff, ran errands, got some work done. Whenever I’m home time just flies so quickly. Friends came to visit over the weekend and it was so good not to be in front of the computer. And then it was already time to pack up my things again. One backpack for Thailand (where I’m heading right now) and another luggage was for five days in Austria with my mum. Perfect quality time in the mountains! We did a little hotel hopping and tested some really cool ones – everything on fleek! As you could see in my last post we also went skiing for the last time. Unfortunately, the snow is way to mushy now. Bye bye ski season!

In a nutshell: Japan – Berlin – South Tyrol – Austria – Munich – Berlin – Munich – off to in Thailand now!

Monthly favorites thought
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… about getting my own car. However, I want to invest in something for the future and more importantly ecological. Japan has inspired me a lot. Most of the cars I saw were either electric ones or hybrid. Hybrid is very cool because they’ll charge while you drive. Moreover, living in the mountains an electric car isn’t probably the best idea unless it’s the BMW i3. Not that I could afford it and I don’t even like the design. But it accelerates so quickly! Anyways, as soon as I’m back home I’ll check the prices of more affordable cars. In the end, I only need a little city car while I can use my mum’s car for longer distances. What do you think?

Monthly favorites Bought
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When I was in Japan I bought some really nice porcelain, which I still need to show you. Also, I brought a trolley full with Japanese groceries back home – rice, algae, lots of green tea and matcha powder, Bioré charcoal nose pads, face sheets and more.

Here are a couple things more, which I’ve gotten:

  • A proper backpack for Asia trips – mine is the Yukon 60+10 from Tatonka
  • New boat shoes from Timberland here
  • A couple of pretty clothing and slipper from Esprit
  • A new phone case from Richmond & Finch here
  • Two new watches from Rosefield here & here
  • A pretty off shoulder dress from Guess here | here

I think that was it for last month.

photos via the shops mentioned above

Monthly favorites read
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Why do I always add this point? So embarrassing. Neither this month have I read something. I think the best gift to myself would be an e-reader. But I just love the old school way of having a proper book in your hand. Luckily, my best friend reads a lot and next time I’m at her house I’ll borrow some. But I read the manual of my juicer – does that count? :-D

Monthly favorites seen
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Have I already told you about The Royals? I think I have. One of the best series I’ve seen in a while. I didn’t have time to go to the movies. I don’t watch TV. On the other hand, I still watch my favorite vlogger and that’s it. Those are my short 10 minutes of Youtube per day … or 30 minutes of Youtube. Still my favorites: Jon Olsson, Janni Déler, Jacie Duprie, Aimee Song, Sara Bow, Kate La Vie and Riley has finally his own vlog (those of you who have been following Jon Olsson’s vlogs know who I’m talking about). And biggest news of the month: Casey Neistat has started vlogging again. Whoop whoop! Always loved his vlogs.

Montly favorites planned – travels

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As I said, I’m in Thailand right now. I’ve never been to Thailand therefore you can imagine how thrilled I am. Afterwards I’ll be home for Easter. My brother is coming back home and I am more than excited to see him as he’s living in Vienna. Still no plans for the two weeks back home. And then I’ll probably head to Vietnam for a super interesting press trip (still in the planning, though). We’ll see. I am so thankful for all the opportunities I get!

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Have a wonderful day!

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