Next travel update: Konnichiwa Tokyo – language holiday in Japan

Oooh. I couldn’t be more excited. Finally, I can share with you all the details where my next big travel will go to. Ok, I’d actually already spoiled the information in my travel plans for 2018 but here more in detail.

*drum rolls* Julia and I will fly for two weeks to Japan with EF for a language holiday. We’ll join a half-day Japanese intensive course. I fell so in love with the country last year and actually had planned to come back for the Sakura this year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible with my new job. But now I’ll be back in Tokio in less than a month.

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Sprachkurs in Japan mit EF Sprachreisen

Language Holiday in Japan

Japanese and all Asian languages are super difficult for us Europeans to learn. I was quite impressed how good the Japanese of my French blogger colleague on last year’s trip was. She’s been living in Tokyo for about four years and spoke fluently. She claimed that the grammar itself wasn’t that hard. Only, there are so many meanings for one word. I’m super excited. Luckily, I’m not the most untalented language learner.

In the morning we’ll always join the Japanese class for 3-4 hours and the rest of the time we can use to indulge ourselves into Japanese culture (especially into the capical). EF also offers a great range of activities, be it daily and weekend excursions.

Of course, we’ll document our journey each day. Also, a travel blog will follow.

have a wonderful day!


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