Design- & Interior: 10 hotspots in Småland and Växjö you can’t miss

Hej, Växjö! Småland – the Southern part of Sweden is known for its creativity. Art, design but especially interior play a huge role there. Small wonder, that you’ll also find inspiring shops and studios in in the smallest villages. Especially those people are so full with energy and visions. Under the theme “Design escapes” Småland invited on a little break for the mind. But also for the sould there should remain enough time. The beauty of Swedens Nature has indeed lots to offer.

Today you’ll get some tips for your perfect weekend in Småland.

Design Escape rund um Vaxjö - Småland, Schweden _ IKEA Älmhult75
  • You’ll reach Småland in less than two hours with the BRA direct flight from Berlin to Växjö! From here it’s recommended to start your tour with a rented car in order to be independent. Consequently, you can plan your tour individually.

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#1 Sleep right in the woods in SUSTAINABLE Be.Hotel!

The Be.Hotel is operated by Grasha and Andres. It’s located a little bit apart from the city Älmhult on a beautiful woodland. Only a few minutes car drive from Älmhult you’ll reach the hotel which lies on a beautiful clearing.

Be.Hotel Design Escape rund um Vaxjö - Småland, Schweden _ IKEA Älmhult
Design Escape rund um Vaxjö - Småland, Schweden _ IKEA Älmhult

The project of the Be.Hotel was completely conceived under a sustainable facet and this vision is still maintained. The wood for the construction comes from the local forests. The interior was made by local producers. The food, starting from a delicious breakfast to a fine dinner is made by the owners themselves. By the way, all dishes are vegan and super mouth-watering!

Here, in the middle of this beautiful woodland, you can definitely charge your batteries and unplug from the digitized world. Around you’ll find from nature built lakes and hiking tracks which lead to secret spots. A small and absolute highlight is a night walk along the paths around the Be.Hotel. No worries, Grasha and Andres will come with you on that tour. The air in Sweden is incredibly fresh and intensive – you should definitely take part of that tour!

  • Also, the hotel is not only ideal for hikers, yogis and tourists, but also perfect to relaxed company meetings

Boastad 120, 343 93 Älmhult

#2 Taste vegan specialities in the popular CAFÈ MUFF!

In the village Älmhult Grasha and Andrea have opened another location, where they serve delicious, handmade specialties. The Muff Café has two very stylish and bright rooms. Here you’ll find vegan muffins, the best beetroot hummus on Earth, aromatic Chai Latte made in Sweden and a cheerful atmosphere!

Muff Café

Köpmangatan 19, Älmhult, Schweden

#3 Taste homemade bread in the CASA BARTKE!

And another secret tip. The small café Casa Bartke is located in the village Loshult and enchants not only with a unique character but also with delicious bakery products. Fresh bread and various pastries will be prepared every day here with lots of love. A great stop for a delicious Swedish Fika break!

Casa Bartke

Klockarevägen, 280 72 Killeberg, Schweden

Design Escape rund um Vaxjö - Småland, Schweden _Casa Bartke

the design world of Småland

#4 Visit the legendary IKEA MUSEUM!

The Swedish region Småland is definitely popular for the world’s by far biggest furniture manufacturer IKEA. In fact, in the small city Älmhult the first IKEA-shop opened in 1958. Nowadays it is converted into a museum. Here you’ll find the history of the house but you can also look into the future. A dream for every IKEA fan!

Ikea museum

Ikeagatan 5, 343 36 Älmhult, Schweden

Retro furniture from the 60s
the first register from IKEA-founder Ingvar Kamprad

an inspiring tour through Småland

#5 Dive into the history of HUSEBY BRUK!

You should definitely pay a visit to the famous Huseby Bruk Museum! The historical manor maintained the noble charm, character and spirit of the 19th century. For designers it is definitely such an inspirational place. On the other hand, for tourists a memorable experience.

  • The museum lies in the community Alvesta around 20 kilometer from the city Växjö

#6 Scrutinize LOCAL ARTISTS

Apparently, lots of creative people are very comfortable in Småland. I highly recommend to visit them in their ateliers and exhibitions. My highlight was the atelier by Kai Engström in a former carpentry. His puppets are incredible and will capture your imagination. Which one is your favorite?

Right next to Kai Engström you’ll find the art of Marcus Emilsson in a former blacksmith’s shop. There you’ll find impressive glass installation accompanied by deep underground music and whispering voices. You’ll find perfectly proportioned glass objects in the room. Against the usual you are actually allowed to touch the works of art. The exhibition is still live until November 2018.

Växjö – a creative city with lots of facets 

#7 Don’t miss the Michelin starred kitchen at PM & VÄNNER HOTEL!

As you’ve finished your art tour through the inspiring surroundings of Växjo, it’s time to get into the city and to get to know it. Right in the city centre you’ll find the PM & Vänner Hotel – also a beautiful place to stay. The hotel is against the Scandinavian minimalism very bright and the rooms are big. The food is simply delicious. No wonder that they’ve been awarded with a Michelin star. Moreover, they got a prestigious price, the Grand Award from Wine Spectator, for their selection of wines.

PM & Vänner Hotel

Västergatan 10, 352 31 Växjö, Schweden

#8 Plan a coffee stop at “KAFÉ DE LUXE”!

Even though we could stay at PM & Vänner Hotel all day, you should definitely see the crowds in the streets and explore the city! You’ll find lots of shopping inspiration and the latest interior trends from Scandinavia. Afterwards, Kafé de Luxe invites for a coffee break. Best is also to stay for lunch. The interior is a beautiful mix of retro and the food in the old manor is exquisite.

  • A local tip: Here you can take part in Makramee-Workshop where also men participate!
KAfé de Luxe

Sandgärdsgatan 17-19, Växjö

#9 Take a walk along the VÄXJÖSÖN LAKE!

After the break at Kafé de Luxe a walk at the Växjösön Lake is a must! The promenade around the lake is perfectly built. Perfect for a run, a stroll and relax!

#10 Visit the historical GLASS MUSEUM!

Less than a 15 minutes’ walk from PM & Vänner Hotel you’ll reach the Swedish Glass Museum. You think glass may be boring? I’m sure you’ll get to love it. The perfect spot also to get to know local artists.

Outdoor Adventure in the Swedish Småland

Last but not least, the beautiful nature Swedens invited for many outdoor activities. Who is planning a longer trip to the Southern part of the island will get to know nature a lot better. All in all, Småland is the perfect mix of art, culture, culinary and outdoor. Book your ticket right away!

I wish you a lovely day!

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