VAL GARDENA – on a hiking tour in the flowery & impressive DOLOMITES

It is impossible to put into words how idyllic Val Gardena is. It seems as if nature has nothing left to by chance over the years and humans have contributed their part to create a great travel and holiday destination here. I have been for a long time a big fan of Vicky’s homeland South Tyrol and now I´m almost speechless of the perfectly beauty of the Val Gardena landscape, which you can reach in only few kilometers of Bolzano.


It´s not a big secret that the locals love their beautiful Val Gardena paradise. They tell you that directly. With bright eyes speaking about all the hotspots you should visit during your stay there, from which side the famous and hardly to be missed majestic Langkofel looks the best way and what is going on in the small, pretty towns in the valley. By the way, a “chocolate side” of Langkofel does not exist. Every point of view is uniquely beautiful, imposing, mystical in a special way and absolutely worth to visit and see! Almost a true dream that is not accessible to mountain climbers and alpinists only. Therefore it´s advisable to plan some time to get to know the Val Gardena landmark from all sides and to discover and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Local Fact

In 2019 everything in Val Gardena will revolve around the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of Langkofel! You can take part in historical walking tours as part of the Val Gardena Activity Program there as well.

It’s a rock – says the child
It’s a masterpiece – says the architect
It’s my home mountain – says the locals
It is my habitat – says the Edelweiss
It’s my working place – says the mountain guide
It’s a miracle – says the heart*
(*Dolomites Val Garderna,

On the way to the Alpe di Siusi through the pretty little town of Ortisei

Pool position in the Alpin Garden. The wellness hotel in Ortisei has a great location and offers an awesome view of the Langkofel in addition to the inviting pool area in the hotel garden!

FLOWERY DOLOMITES – a flowery hiking tour through VAL GARDENA

There is a lot to see and do in Val Gardena. The Val Gardena Active Program is full of exciting and different activities in all seasons. Almost all year round there are various sporting and cultural activities.
Now in summer, for example, beautiful seas of flowers blossom over valleys and mountains and several types of herbs on the alpine mountain meadows. Good to know, that you can attend guided Flowery Dolomites hikes there with the extremely charming flower and herb expert Karin Planker. She knows a lot about healing herbs and reveals one or two secrets. Or a great tip for your own kitchen.

Flower and herb expert Karin Planker

Beautiful view of the Alpe di Siusi


Good Heinrich is used in the kitchen as wild spinach and is rich in vitamins and iron content. It is harvested between May and October. However, this should not be picked up wild, as its stock is very endangered!

If relaxed hikes through the beautiful Val Gardena are not enough for you, more challenging mountain runs, mountain bike and climbing tours will be a good choice! Hut hikes are wonderful: Here you can feast on the tastiest local specialities and always have a view at the great natural wonder alover! Therefore, the perfect photo motive is always guaranteed and anyone who wants to see the sun rise over the Landkofel is welcome to do that: Seceda, the western part of the mountain is simply perfect for it.

Via Sellajoch (Passo Sella) you take the calble gondilas up to the Langkofel Scharte. The view is incomparable and worth the exciting gondola ride! The ride up here is something special: The gondolas don’t stop and you have to jump in quickly. Alone or with a maximum of two people standing up inside, the ride takes about 15 minutes.

did you know?

The history of the Dolomites began about 2.5 million years ago. At that time the Dolomites were under water in the primeval sea forming a huge coral reef. The characteristic form was created by volcanic eruptions, among other things.

Dolomites Val Gardena was, definetly is and remains a dream landscape with a great offer for all adventurers, connoisseurs, explorers and nature lovers! Once you’ve been here, you’ll be safe again.

I wish you a wonderful day!
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