Birthday celebrations & three-country kitchen at PAOLO PINKEL

A dinner at Paolo Pinkel in Neukölln was on my list for such a long time now. After so many of my Foodie friends recommended it to me, it was the perfect occasion to celebrate the birthday of my friend Natalie there. Meanwhile we also celebrated Amandine’s birthday there. Funnily enough another friend celebrated her birthday there. As you can see it seems to be a great place for celebrating but also for a casual dinner. | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln

Restaurant in Berlin

Paolo Pinkel. The pseudonym known from the Friedmann affair of the lawyer, politician and television presenter Michel Friedmann. Of course In the meantime, Paolo Pinkel‘s restaurant bar concept has become so popular in Berlin that it has already trumped him in the Google search.

You enter the bar via a shimmering neon light and head straight for the big Barthresen. To the left is the restaurant corner with simple dining tables and benches, to the right the bar with some lounge seats. All very “Neukölln” and funky furnished. | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln

Paolo Pinkel

We already arrived with mixed feelings, as my girlfriend heard from an acquaintance that it was supposedly exaggeratedly expensive. Wait and see and take a picture first. In the afternoon before it was posted in our birthday group that one could pay food only cash and beverages with map. I only understood this when we arrived. The restaurant-concept is that three different kitchens have their own mini-restaurant there. The drinks are settled via the bar.

Peru – China – Cyprus is Three-country cuisine. Since everyone has its own culinary preferences, this is perfect for a birthday. I immediately headed for the Chinese restaurant and ordered a delicious portion of handmade Ran Mian noodles with Sechuan pepper (attention: very hot). The others ordered from the Peruvian as well as from the Cypriot restaurant. The portions can be divided well. But also one portion per head is absolutely sufficient.

    • The prices are between 4-12€ | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar NeuköllnBurnin Wonton | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar NeuköllnSelection at the China-Restaurant | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neuköllnyummy Ran Mian noodles | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln | Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln

Paolo Pinkel

We had a great evening, and we mumped up at the bar till 3:00. But I recommend you to order wine or beer. The Gin&Tonic has already been served mixed, where I usually choose Gin Tonic and Tonic myself.
Meanwhile I was already there for the second time and found it just as great there. But it’s always worth making a reservation!

Three-country kitchen and bar
Paolo Pinkel

Karl-Marx-Straße 55, 12043 Berlin, Germany


Happy FoodFriday!
Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln Paolo Pinkel restaurant bar Neukölln

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