Berlin Living Flat 2 #1 | The new flat & the interior struggle

After four months, it became highest railway to dedicate a blog entry to a very big event of the year. After two years in my flat share I moved a few houses down the street.

I was really looking forward to the move. Finally buying new furniture again, styling an apartment beautifully – everything to our taste.

Christmas decoration coffee tables furniture shop search |
Christmas decoration coffee tables furniture shop search |

It would have been so easy, if a) I didn’t have such a hard time choosing something I liked, b) my boyfriend didn’t have something to say about it (this point is no longer relevant, as I have been delaying my decisions for so long that he was defeated) and c) the delivery times for furniture weren’t so long. Long story short, after three ordered dining tables, for example, the third one was allowed to stop (I don’t want to talk about it).

Christmas decoration coffee tables furniture shop search |


One room that is slowly becoming homelike is the living room. As I said, we finally found a nice long two meter table at DELIFE (what do you think of my Christmas decoration?). Sofa and my nice big Berber carpet I brought with me and currently we are looking for a nice coffee table.
At Pharao24 we have found some nice models. Here the questions still arise whether we prefer a wooden, stone (my favourite!!) or glass table. Of course a coffee table with pull-out function would be great. In the meantime, I have already searched through almost all interior pages and slowly found the right one. this round stone table I find super beautiful. A glass table classic, which I still like very much, because it looks so nice and light.

Little inspiration

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Which option do you like better? 1-2 or 3?

I am curious what the New Year will bring. Maybe I will get the last inspirational boost for the apartment over the holidays. At the moment I am still confident. I am very much looking forward to showing the first impressions.

Have a nice day!


  • Wir sind im November umgezogen und entgegen meiner Erwartungen, waren wir doch bedeutend schneller mit den Einrichten als erwartet-ubd wir hatten nichts, außer einem Ikeabett und 2 Kallaxregalen. Aber ich hatte mich recht schnell entschieden, was ich haben wollte und mein Freund hat mir da netterweise ziemlich freie Hand gelassen…nur über den Bar Cart sind wir uns nach wie vor sehr uneinig

    • Liebe Alena,
      ihr Glücklichen :-) aber ich sag ja immer: Gut Ding, braucht gut Weil. Mein nächstes Projekt ist dann noch Kunst an der Wand.

      Liebe Grüße & frohes neues Jahr!


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